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The NECC Brand

Northern Essex Community College’s brand is more than a logo or a marketing campaign.

The NECC Brand has been built by the people the college serves; the community the college lives in; the ways through which we work to transform lives; how we are better together. The imagery and language (both old and new) used to describe NECC reflect our brand.

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Brand Essentials

Official colors, fonts, logos, and editorial style. The building blocks of the NECC Brand.
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Campus Resources

Explore a variety of official templates, logos, and other resources approved for use at NECC.

Brand Standards

The NECC brand story exists within the actions we take each day as we support our students’ journeys as well as the communities in which we live. This guide sets the standard and tone for us to speak a common language with our primary audiences. Our brand lives in many spaces and this document seeks to define, clarify, and unify the messaging we use to communicate the positive impact of the NECC experience. Anyone responsible for creating marketing communications materials for NECC should refer to this guidebook to help ensure a consistence voice to improve the experience for prospective students and their families, our industry partners and influencers and our alumni and donors.

Brand Purpose

In creating NECC’s Brand Guidelines, we reviewed the college’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values, and our 2020 NECHE reaccreditation self-study through multiple lenses, including Success for All at NECC: Strategic Plan 2022-2027. Building upon the college’s commitment to a Strengths-based framework, we identified this brand positioning statement that captures the essence of all we do at Northern Essex.

Unlock your potential

Our community is strengthened by its diversity. We celebrate this to create a supportive learning environment of Cultural Inclusion that embraces all identities and inspires equity, initiative, and excellence.

At NECC, much of our work is rooted in Appreciative Inquiry—facilitating positive change in human systems, organizations, groups and communities. Every human system (person or community) has a core of strengths that is often hidden and/or underutilized—what is known as its positive core.

Informed by our identity as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and as an Achieving the Dream college, Northern Essex is Pioneering Pedagogy with new modes of education in support of our commitment to improve student success.

We provide career and intellectual learning skills that honor the individual needs and talents of our students, enabling growth and training for improved Job Preparedness and Competency.


Prospective Students & Their Families

This audience includes adult learners, NECC stop-outs, and traditional high school age students seeking career skills or associate degrees. Family members are included as they are influential in this decision-making process.

Industry Partners & Influencers

This audience includes CEOs and other thought leaders, the Commonwealth, legislators, community-based organizations (CBOs), teachers and guidance counselors, as well as members of NECC boards.

Alumni & Donors

Alumni and donors of Northern Essex are critical to the college’s success and enable many opportunities to build professional networks, advocate for NECC, and help make a difference for our students and our community.

Got questions?

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