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A female Exercise Science student on the basketball court.
If you are a fitness enthusiast and love helping people to improve their quality of life through exercise, NECC’s Exercise Science is for you. The program leads to a wide variety of careers from physical therapist and nutritionist to athletic trainer or personal trainer.

Why Choose NECC?

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This program, depending on your concentration, provides a foundation that maximizes transfer opportunities to baccalaureate level programs in exercise physiology, nutrition, athletic training and pre-physical therapy, or sets you up for a career in the health and fitness field. In this program you will:

  • Study the discipline and sub-disciplines of physical activity
  • Explore the wide variety of physical activity related careers
  • Learn to develop fitness and nutrition programs
  • Gain hands-on experience in NECC’s Wellness & Fitness Center as a personal trainer, and work with student athletes
  • Have a chance to pursue related volunteer opportunities with youth sports and recreation groups, at the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Senior Centers, and area schools
  • Earn the National Strength & Conditioning Certificate in Personal Training at a discounted rate

Because of NECC

You will be prepared to transfer to a number of exercise science and sport-related degree programs at the baccalaureate level, or to pursue a broad range of jobs in the fitness industry. After completing the Exercise Science Degree you can:

  • Take advantage of MassTransfer Pathways and other transfer agreements and save thousands of dollars on your bachelor’s degree in exercise science or a related field
  • Pursue jobs as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, youth sports programmer, fitness professional, or as a coach at a variety of levels



Everything about NECC was right for me … I came here, took it slow, and excelled and built my confidence”

Matt Valli, General Studies: Movement Science


Courses and Requirements


Program Pathways

A pathway is the most efficient sequence of courses semester-to-semester recommended for students to complete their degree. The Exercise Science program has two pathways.

View the suggested pathway for the Exercise Science Transfer Concentration Pathway

View the suggested pathway for the Health Fitness Instructor Concentration Pathway


Contact Information

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For more information contact

Center for Health Professions Location: LC129, Lawrence Campus, El-Hefni Building 978-655-5936

Or attend an Info Session and Tour.

Additional Information

Student Learning Outcomes - Exercise Science

Student Learning Outcomes – Exercise Science

  • Demonstrate knowledge of major concepts and principles in exercise science.
  • Collect, analyze, interpret and present qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Research, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of standard risk management practices
  • Plan, execute and evaluate health & fitness programs.
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