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Use the Checklist Below to Plan Your Program, Event, or Activity

This checklist may help in planning your program, event, or activity. If used properly and in cooperation with advice from the Student Life, Organization members can develop skills necessary for successful programming. Planners are urged to print this checklist and use it for each program planned.

While working through this checklist, keep asking yourself these questions:

  • Is there enough time to plan this event?
  • Will set-up requests and contract deadlines be met?
  • Does the committee have the necessary time to do this job?


  • Are there funds available for the program? Have monies been approved?
  • Are there any other Clubs/Organizations on campus which may be interested in co- sponsoring this event?
  • Is the selected date of the event the best time? Does it conflict with other programs on campus? With exams? Holidays?
  • Is the desired space available?
  • Has the program format been determined?


  • Has the room/setup been discussed with the Facilities Coordinator?
  • Has a Facilities Reservation Form been completed and submitted to/approved by the Campus Events Office?
  • Has a ticket sale process been determined?
  • Have tickets been ordered/created?


  • Has funding been approved?
  • Have purchase orders been prepared/submitted to the Student Life?
  • Have checks been requested? Are checks ready?
  • Have arrangements been made for checks/cash to be turned in following the event?

Technical Requirements

  • Have arrangements for special electrical needs been discussed with the Facilities Coordinator (ie power outside etc.)?
  • Have arrangements for audio visual needs been discussed with the media department and the Facilities Coordinator?


  • Have the entertainers/presenters been selected and confirmed?
  • Have contract negotiations been completed?
  • Have contracts been signed by the Comptroller?


  • Have arrangements been made for a raffle license?


  • Have flyers been designed/ordered? Stamped by Student Life?
  • Have volunteers signed up for posting flyers around campus according to the poster policy?
  • Have you notified the Student Life that you would like the event put on the monthly activities calendar and special events notification boards?
  • Have volunteers signed up for removing posted flyers from around campus following the event?
  • Have you contacted the NECC Observer about promotion and/or coverage of the event?
  • Have you contacted the Public Information Office about issuing press releases to the local media?


  • Have materials been ordered?
  • Have plans been made to prepare decorations?
  • Has the decorating committee assigned tasks to tap the talents of its members?
  • Do decorations comply with safety regulations?
  • Have arrangements been made to remove decorations following the event?


  • Have arrangements been made with the food service manager?
  • If you are planning to bring your own refreshments, have you received approval from the food service manager?


  • Have arrangements been made for a sufficient number of staff/security members to supervise the event with the Facilities Coordinator?


  • Has the guest list been prepared with accurate spelling of names, titles, spouses, etc?
  • Is there enough time to address the invitations and to be mailed? (Allow 5 days for mail delivery)
  • Have hosts been assigned for the event?
  • Have the hosts been informed of their responsibilities?

Work Schedules

  • Have committee members been notified as to when they are working?
  • Is there a clean-up committee? Do they know what is to be cleaned?
  • Have arrangements been made to secure the necessary equipment: mops, brooms, trash bags, etc.?
  • Have arrangements been made for custodial service?

Post Program

  • Have all monies been turned in to the Student Life for deposit?
  • Has a social function report form been completed and turned in to the Student Life?
  • Have all checks been issued, picked-up, delivered?
  • Has all borrowed equipment been returned?
  • Have all thank you notes/letters been sent to the appropriate people?
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