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A male and female Art and Design student sitting outside by the birch trees, sketching.

Do you enjoy drawing, painting, photography or using computer programs for artistic expression? The Art and Design Program will provide the foundation you need to prepare for hundreds of creative careers.

Why Choose NECC?

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By earning an Associate Degree in General Studies: Art and Design you will be able to pursue a career in a variety of fields in art, or transfer to earn your Bachelor’s degree. You can choose courses from fine arts, multimedia, photography, or graphic design. With this program you will:

  • Practice and refine your skills in well-resourced art studios
  • Gain hands on experience with the most recent software programs for artists
  • Benefit from an arts internship, gaining invaluable real-world experience
  • Work on projects for NECC clubs and organizations and see your work professionally printed and posted
  • Participate in Portfolio Day, where representatives from art colleges around the region and the country will review your work and discuss transfer opportunities

Because of NECC

You will be able to join the many NECC alumni who are enjoying careers where they get to use their creativity every day. This includes a significant number who are thriving as independent artists. After completing the General Studies: Art and Design program you can:

  • Take advantage of MassTransfer Pathways and other transfer agreements to earn your bachelor’s degree in an arts-related field, while saving thousands of dollars on the cost of your degree
  • Get an entry-level job or pursue freelance assignments
  • Work in a broad array of industries that require visual communication from advertising and marketing to events and entertainment, to healthcare and tourism

Program Costs

For the 2024-2025 academic year, non-health for-credit courses have a cost of $263/credit for in-state students.



I’m always designing and I’ve been able to incorporate my business designs into school projects and vice versa. I love Northern Essex.”

CJay DiPrima, General Studies: Art

Hear What Faculty Have to Say About the Program

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Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes - General Studies: Art and Design

Student Learning Outcomes – General Studies: Art and Design

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the methods and materials associated with drawing, 2D design and 3D design.
  • Analyze and articulate art history from a global perspective, using research, critical thinking skills, and a visual arts vocabulary.
  • Analyze and assess the formal aspects of an artwork using art and design terminology.
  • Interpret and evaluate an artwork by examining its relationship between its form and content.
  • Demonstrate the creative process of making, analyzing and revising work.
  • Design and create a comprehensive e-portfolio for all art courses to be used for transfer or professional purposes.

Courses and Requirements



Department Chair

Department Chair

Michelle Carter

Chair, Art & Design

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