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Receive Important College-Closing Text Messages on Your Cell Phone or by Email.

NECC Alert is used to distribute information regarding school closings due to weather and other emergency events. NECC Alert is open to anyone with a valid email address.

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You will continue to receive text messages and email notifications. However, if you need to update your cell phone number or email address, you will need to create a new account.

How to Unsubscribe to NECC Alert

Text Messages

Reply to any message with the word STOP to unsubscribe.
Reply to any message with the word START to start receiving text alerts again.


All email message include the link at the bottom of the message to unsubscribe. You must unsubscribe with the same email address you used to subscribe. NOTE: Some students subscribe with their student email address and then forward their student email to a personal email account. In this case you must unsubscribe specifying your student email address.


Visit and login with your email account to manage your NECC Alerts account.

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