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Public Safety Personnel are on Duty 24 Hours a Day at both Haverhill (C112) and Lawrence (414 Common St) Campuses.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is a high priority for Public Safety and the college.

The college maintains its buildings with a concern for safety and security. Public Safety works in conjunction with other college departments to handle any safety or security hazards that arise. Contact Public Safety with any concerns of this nature.

Crime Prevention Tips

Follow the tips below to help make NECC a safer campus. 

Protect Your Valuables While Taking Public Transportation

  • When taking public transportation, take extra care in protecting your valuables. Keep them under close watch and never leave them out of your reach.

Secure Your Bicycle

  • Never leave your bicycle unsecured. Buy a good lock and use it. Bicycle racks are located outside of B and C-Buildings at the Haverhill campus and at the main entrance at the Lawrence campus.

 Observe, Observe, Observe.

  • Become familiar with your surroundings and take note of the location of telephones. Knowing where to access assistance quickly in an emergency is key to assuring your safety.

Automobile Security Tips

Register Your Car With Campus Security

  • Parking stickers are required for all students, faculty and staff on both the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses. Visitor parking is also available in designated areas.  Please refer to the Public Safety Parking Policy for detailed information.

 Secure Your Car and Its Contents

  • Always keep your car doors locked, both when you are traveling and when it is parked. Always keep valuable items out of view or locked in the trunk. Leaving stereo equipment, wallets, laptops, cellphones or other such items invite a break in, which may result in damage and loss.

When Going to Your Car…

  • Always try to walk with other people. Walk with your keys in your hand and be ready to unlock your car. Always check your backseat before getting into the car. Once you unlock your car, get in and lock it right away. When appropriate wait for others to start their cars before driving off.

 Be Aware of Vehicles Behind You When Traveling

  • If someone starts following you, drive to a police or fire station, a busy gas station or store, and ask for assistance in calling the police. Stay calm so you can describe the person and automobile to the police. Always try to record the license plate number.

Personal Safety Tips

Walk With Other Students

  • Whenever possible, do not walk alone. In addition, there are usually other students and staff who are going into and out of the parking lots and other campus buildings who would welcome you walking with them. Always walk in well-lighted areas.

Carpool Only With People You Know

  • Never accept a ride from a stranger.

Record a Description of Suspicious Persons

  • If you see suspicious activity, do not intervene. Record a description of the person involved and the location and report it to Public Safety immediately.

Escape Is Your Primary Objective

  • If you become involved in a dangerous situation, do not attempt a physical confrontation if escape is possible. Go to the nearest phone and call Public Safety.

Firearms, Drugs, & Alcohol

Firearms, alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances are not permitted on college property. The college’s policy on alcohol, drugs and smoking is printed in the Student Code of Conduct and the NECC Policies and Procedures Publication.

Rape & Other Sex Offenses

If you are a victim of a sexual assault:

  • Contact Public Safety 978-556-3333, the local police department (Haverhill Police 978-373-1212, Lawrence Police 978-794-5900 or dial 9-1-1), the Title IX Coordinator, a trusted friend, and local rape crisis center. Immediately give security and/or the local police your location.
  • While waiting, do not shower, douche or wash in any way because you will be destroying evidence.
  • Do not throw away torn clothing or straighten up the area where the assault took place. These may also provide evidence.
  • The officer arriving will need information regarding the location of the offense, a description of the suspect and any vehicle involved. The police want to find the assailant as soon as possible.
  • Once the information is collected, you will be taken to a hospital where treatment will be given by people trained to deal with sexual assault trauma.

Acting Responsibly

NECC buildings and parking lots are well lit and regularly patrolled, but you should still use precaution to ensure your own security and that of your personal property. Keep these common-sense tips in mind:

  • Familiarize yourself with the campus so you can walk confidently and purposefully to your destination.
  • Be aware of your surroundings as you return to your car, or the shuttle or bus stop
  • Never leave your backpack or pocketbook unattended, even for a moment (for example, while in the restroom, the library, or the cafe).
  • Always lock your parked car, keep all personal belongings in the trunk. While anti-theft equipment is not infallible, one or more will foil most amateurs and delay or deter most professionals.

Always report suspicious activities, threatening incidents, or unusual behavior to Public Safety by calling 978-556-3333 or dial ext. 3333 from any campus phone. Even if nothing has actually occurred, Public Safety would prefer to know if there is a potential for concern.

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