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Northern Essex Community College has received funding through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act to assist students with financial need due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students who need help covering expenses related to cost of attendance, such as tuition and fees, housing, food, technology, childcare, or healthcare may benefit from funding available through the ARP Act Student Grant.

The college has received $6,364,745 in funding to go directly to students. Eligible students enrolled at the college can receive direct grants as well as grants to help pay their student account balance.

Students who submit an application indicating need for help with educational expense can receive up to $3,000 each semester.

Grants are available to matriculated students, Early College students, and students enrolled in non-credit English Language courses.

To date, NECC has awarded $6,540,501.36 to 3,782 students.

Of the total in funding for students from HEERF II, $177,421.54 was rolled over into HEERF III.

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