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Campus Communications Regarding Coronavirus

March 2022

Good Morning NECC Community,

As a team, we wanted to reach out and connect with our students, faculty and staff so that we can best support all of you as our campus and our local, national and global communities respond to transitions surrounding the pandemic.

In an email you received from President Lane Glenn on Wednesday March 9th, it was shared that as a group, the Massachusetts Association of Community Colleges would be transitioning to a mask optional environment in the coming weeks.

The COVID Team has consistently followed the science and leaned on CDC guidance. Given CDC updates and current public health data, we are comfortable moving to a mask flexible campus as of March 21st.

We ask that folks be aware of the following:

  • This shift is based upon current local, state and federal guidance; we will need to remain flexible and respond accordingly should conditions change
  • We ask that community members keep a mask on their person at all times and be cognizant of their environment; if folks in an office space are wearing masks when you enter, consider masking up or asking if that would best support a colleague
  • We ask that community members advocate for and look after their own health; please pay close attention to CDC and individual physician guidance in regards persons at high risk for COVID 19; communicate with your teams so that colleagues and supervisors can best be of support
  • Please know that individuals wishing to wear a mask for any reason have the full backing of our team and of NECC Leadership
  • Our expectation is that the respect, kindness, patience and teamwork demonstrated through this long-term crisis will hold steady; folks should feel safe to go at their own pace as transitions manifest
  • If individuals wish to request an N95 mask and/or a fit testing session, or wish to receive a free COVID test kit to utilize before and/or after spring break, they may connect with our team via the form here:

Please know that the COVID team is still here! We are proud to continue serving the NECC community through risk mitigation strategies based on the swiss cheese model and current public health recommendations. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

It has been an honor to walk alongside you all through this ever evolving, unpredictable and challenging time. Thank you for your time and continued support!

The COVID Response Team

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