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Update on Fall Classes

Northern Essex Community College is offering close to 300 credit courses this fall semester, which begins September 9, 2020, and 90 percent of those courses will be delivered online. 

Students can take their gen ed classes which easily transfer to other colleges and universities; get started on a certificate or associate degree in a choice of over 60 degree and certificate programs; or begin preparing for a new career in fields like health care, computers, and education.

Bill Heineman, the college’s vice president of academic and student affairs, says the college is spending the summer transitioning to online learning. “While dealing with the pandemic has been a challenge for us, the bright side is that we are developing a first-rate online program.”

This summer the college has invested a half million dollars to prepare faculty who have previously taught face-to-face for online teaching and $100,000 for new supports for student success in online courses. Northern Essex is also putting resources toward a laptop requirement for students that will insure that all students have the technology needed to succeed.

Only classes that require a face-to-face experience, such as health and science labs, will be taught traditionally this fall.

To explore courses offered this fall, check out the course selection tool.

Here’s where you can learn more about the college’s over 60 academic programs.

Here’s where you can find out about the college’s many virtual admissions events.

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