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Winnie, eight weeks old
Winnie, eight weeks old

Winnie is the newest addition to the team at Northern Essex, working with Campus Police, Student Life, and other departments to offer support and comfort to members of the NECC community dealing with crisis or trauma.

Winnie goes to her first training class on April 22. She’ll be there for two weeks.


Winnie is being trained to assist in calming situations, alleviating anxiety, and providing aid in mental health scenarios. She contributes to outreach efforts and community involvement initiatives at NECC. Regular visits to each campus are part of Winnie’s routine.

When not reporting for duty on campus, Winnie lives with Lt. Keith Walker. 

  • Follow Winnie’s beat on her Instagram account @NECCwinnie

Contact Info

Lt. Keith Walker
NECC Public Safety
(978) 556-3693

Looking for additional support? Contact Counseling Services.

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