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Health Profession Testing

Health Profession Testing Schedule

Health Profession Testing Schedule

Testing is offered at the Haverhill Campus and at the Lawrence Campus to provide ample opportunity for applicants to test and submit applications to Enrollment Services.

Applicants should follow the guidelines as outlined in the Health Criteria packets before registering to take the test.

Any questions pertaining to your program, contact the Program Coordinator or Director.

Registration Process ATI TEAS

Registration Process ATI TEAS

Registration and payment for the ATI TEAS for Nursing Students and ATI TEAS for Allied Health testing is done online. To view available testing dates, register and pay, go to: ATI Testing


Sign in or create a new user account


Register for TEAS before using ATI

  •                TEAS for Nursing (ADN)
  •                TEAS for Allied Health (AH)


Choose where you would like to take the exam

  •                Haverhill campus
  •                Lawrence campus


Credit card payment is due online at the time of registration. Payment is NON REFUNDABLE so be sure that you have read the admissions packet thoroughly and that you are ready to test on the date scheduled. By clicking the Register button you are agreeing to test on the selected date. You will be responsible for repaying and rescheduling for a new test in the event that you are unable to attend the scheduled date.

Scheduling is through ATI Testing. If you have any questions, contact ATI directly.


You will receive an email confirmation of your testing appointment. Bring this confirmation and your ATI Username and Password along with a photo ID (valid driver’s license or school ID with photo), on the date of testing.

Registration Process Fundamentals Assessment Test (Advanced Placement LPN-ADN Assessment Test)

Registration Process Fundamentals Assessment Test (Advanced Placement LPN-ADN Assessment Test)

Registration and payment for the PN Fundamentals Assessment Testing (LPN-ADN Assessment Test) is done by following the Registration Steps (1-2-3) below:

Registration Steps (1-2-3)

    1. Create an ATI Account with a username and password through ATI.

      Click here to create your account:

      IMPORTANT: Bring a Credit Card and your ATI Account Information from ATI on the day of your test. You will log on to ATI with your account information and pay the required ATI fee for the Fundamentals Assessment test.

    2. Submit your Request for PN Fundamentals Assessment Test at Northern Essex Community College.

      Request for PN Fundamentals Assessment Test form

    3. Submit your non-refundable NECC Registration Fee of $35.00. There are 3 options available to submit your payment: Online, Walk-in or Mail-in.
        1. Online –  Click Register through our FlexReg scheduling system to pay your fee by credit card.  If you are a current student, your username is your NECC ID and your password is your Self-Service password. If you do not remember your password, contact the Service Desk and they will reset your password to your date of birth and you will then be able to reset it.The registration cycle is January-December of each year. During each registration cycle, first time test takers select LPNT Fund Test Admin Fee – Test One. If you are retesting at NECC during the registration cycle (January-December of the current year), select the LPNT Fund Test Admin Fee – Test Two.If you have trouble submitting your form online you can scan/save and email it to or print and fax it to 978-556-3169.


Important Notes About Using FlexReg

When using FlexReg Pop-Up Blockers must be disabled. Users must have the Adobe Flash Player installed on their computers. When using FlexReg for your online payment, do not X out of the windows until you have completed the entire process. Once you register and the payment process is complete, you can then Sign Out.

Do not close any windows throughout the FlexReg process. Leave your FlexReg window open and your TouchNet Payment window open until you have completed the payment process.

You will receive two (2) emails upon completion of your FlexReg process; one for your Course Registration and the second one for your TouchNet Payment confirmation. Do not close any windows until you receive these two (2) emails. Once you receive the two (2) emails, you can Sign Out. Do not X out.

    1. Walk-in – Come to the Academic Placement & Testing Center. You can make your payment for your registration fees by credit card, money order or check at the time you walk-in.
    2. Mail-in – Mail a money order only, made payable to NECC, for $35.00 to Northern Essex Community College, Academic Placement & Testing Center, 100 Elliott St., Haverhill, mA 01830

Upon receipt of your required Fundamental Assessment Test Request Form and Fee, you will be contacted to set up your testing appointment.
All examinees who need to reschedule or who do not arrive for their scheduled exam must re-submit the $35.00 registration fee and a new registration form. All exam dates are subject to cancellation if there are low numbers of examinees. (Please note that this rarely happens.) Students will be notified within 3 business days of the exam if there is a need to cancel.

Required Test Information

Required Test Information

The applicant is responsible for contacting their Program Coordinator/Director to determine which test is required for their program.

      • The required test for Nursing is TEAS for Nursing Students and the college is Northern Essex CC ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing).
      • The required test for Practical Nursing is TEAS and the college is Northern Essex CC PN (Practical Nursing).
      • The required test for Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Care and Med Lab Tech is TEAS for Allied Health and the college is Northern Essex CC AH (Allied Health).
      • The required tests for Advanced Placement Nursing are the TEAS Test and the Fundamentals Assessment (LPN-RN Assessment Test) and the college is Northern Essex CC Fundamentals Assessment test for LPN to Associate Degree in Nursing (formerly LPN STEP).


Upon the completion of your testing and when all the testing is complete, you can get your results from home or another computer. Go back to your ATI account, enter your Username & Password and click the My Results tab. You will then follow up with an Academic Advisor or your Program Coordinator. Note: you will not be able to get your results in the Academic Placement & Testing Center.

Accommodated Testing

Accommodated Testing

Students with documented disabilities should contact the Learning Accommodations Center to arrange for special accommodations well in advance of their assessment date.

Students with documented disabilities:
Call:(978) 556-3654

Health Profession Test Prep

Health Profession Test Prep

      • PLATO TEAS program is available at NECC. Contact Denise Trinidad by email: or telephone: 978-738-7452.
      • LPN-RN Fundamentals Assessment. To prepare, review your fundamentals of nursing material from your Practical Nursing Program. There are additional preparation materials for purchase on the ATI online store; there is a Fundamentals practice test and also a review module.
      • ATI TEAS Study Manual – Sixth Edition. To prepare for the ATI TEAS test (effective 9/1/16) a study manual is available purchase on the ATI online store.

Online Practice Assessments are Available Here:

To Obtain an Official Transcript

To Obtain an Official Transcript

TEAS Official Transcript

Additional Information

For more information regarding your degree criteria visit the Health Required Forms page.

For more information on testing, call the Academic & Placement Testing Center at 978-556-3872 or email

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