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Members of the Women of NECC Make a Difference for NECC Students

Submitted by on July 8, 2011 – 9:16 am

For 15 years, the Women of NECC has been making a difference in the lives of NECC students. A dedicated group of individuals, the members of the Women of NECC raise money for much-needed scholarships and the college’s endowment, act as ambassadors in the community, and host fund-raising events.

Since its inception in 1996, the Women of NECC has awarded over $132,000 in scholarships to students in need. Its endowment has grown to over $180,000.
Each year, the members hold a membership tea; a holiday party where they also donate gifts to the children in NECC’s Lawrence Childcare Center; and an open house held in a home of a Merrimack Valley community member.

“The events are held as a way to raise funds, because our focus is primarily about helping people get an education. For some students, the scholarships we award can be the difference between finishing and not finishing college,” says Nancy Greenwood, the owner of Nancy Greenwood Insurance Agency in Methuen and the group’s treasurer. Plus, she says, the events are fun. “It’s a great group of women. I really enjoy being with them,” she adds. Nancy has been involved with the group since its beginning. She also serves on NECC’s Board of Trustees.

Nancy Squatrito agrees. A former teacher in North Andover, Nancy has been involved with the Women of NECC for about 10 years. “It’s the most wonderful group of people. Everyone is very dedicated, and all believe in the importance of education. Community colleges are doing great things and give so many people an opportunity to go on and further their education,” she says. Nancy feels so strongly about supporting NECC and the work that it does that she also set up a nursing scholarship which is awarded to a student in the nursing program each year.

The board of the Women of NECC is comprised of 39 members, and the general membership is 145 and growing. The traits that all the women share are that they believe in the importance of education, they are caring, and they believe in giving back. Nancy Greenwood sums it up this way: “We  really work to help people graduate and have a future. Everybody should be involved in some volunteering.  Do something to help people, and you will  appreciate life a lot more.”