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Program Helps Design Encore Careers

Submitted by on July 24, 2013 – 2:24 pm

Baby Boomers are looking at retirement in a way that no generation has before them. Many are using retirements and layoffs as a way to launch their second act in life. A new eight-week, noncredit course titled “Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP) Intensive for Boomers”, designed for Baby Boomers who have a business idea they want to explore, will be offered this fall through Northern Essex Community College’s Center for Corporate and Community Education.

While NECC has offered an ETP course for more than a decade, this new course is designed specifically for Baby Boomers or individuals born between 1946 and 1964. The “Boomerpreneurs” are looking to their retirement years as an opportunity to be their own boss while continuing to generate an income, according to Diane Zold-Gross, assistant Dean for the Center for Corporate and Community Education located at the Riverwalk in Lawrence.

“From our experience offering the Entrepreneurial Training Program we have found that boomers seem to be the most interested in starting a business,” Zold-Gross says. “They may have determined what their passion is and are ready to move forward and make their mark while making money.”

After working for decades in one field, boomers are increasingly using their life experiences to start something new. According to the Small Business Administration website, which now has a dedicated web page for Americans over the age of 50 interested in exploring starting a business, for more than 70 million Americans over 50, business ownership is a practical option.

“ETP Intensive for Boomers,” will be taught by Paul Jermain, experienced instructor and consultant and business owner of Jermain and Company.

The course, which will be offered Monday evenings from 6:30 to 9 p.m. starting September 23rd at the Riverwalk, is tailored to explore issues specific to boomers. Boomer participants will create a solid business plan and learn the skills and knowledge to implement that plan. They will learn how to size and segment markets; evaluate the competition, determine the best product/service offering, create a marketing plan and consider the impact of factors such as management background and location on the new enterprise. Developing and using financial statements such as: balance sheets, sales forecasts, and cash flow and income statements will also be examined.

“While boomers have proven skills, experience, talents and financial resources, they may not have had the opportunity to develop the broad business foundation to ensure small business success,” says Jermain. “This program helps you think through your business. It is a robust, fast paced, practical program.”
Dianne Lahaye at or 978-659-1222.