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Lending a Helping Hand Leads to Career in Emergency Medicine

Submitted by on September 23, 2013 – 11:41 am
Lending a Helping Hand Leads to Career in Emergency Medicine

Seth Rohrer enrolled in NECC's associate degree in paramedic technology

A young friend’s open heart surgery prompted Seth Rohrer to embark on a career path
in emergency medicine. Northern Essex helped him to continue on that route.

The 23-year-old Lowell resident graduated from Lowell High School in 2007. He enrolled in UMass Lowell where he studied the jazz piano for a few years. Although he had played the piano since he was five, Seth found that, for him, turning an avocation into a vocation took away the magic.

While he lost interest in studying music, he had even less interest in the medical field. When a close friend underwent open heart surgery and Seth took care of him for the week he was hospitalized, that all changed. Seth surprised himself at just how interested and comfortable he was in a medical environment. He went on to complete a basic EMT program and was hired by Patriot Ambulance.

“I immediately thought it was great. It is an adrenal rush,” he says. “I like having the opportunity to provide assistance to people. I found out I am pretty good at it.”

Once he started gaining field experience, Seth was encouraged to earn his paramedic certification. He enrolled in NECC’s associate degree in paramedic technology.

“I have co-workers who took the Northern Essex Paramedic Program and spoke highly of it,” he says. “Plus, it was definitely the most affordable option for opportunity to learn and practice my
skills. The instructors are very dedicated.” He says the additional education is providing him with the skills necessary to give his patients the best emergency care in a pre-hospital setting.

Seth graduates next year and hopes to continue his studies and earn his bachelor’s in nursing.