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NECC Offers STEM Program for Science Majors

Submitted by on March 10, 2017 – 4:26 pm

High School juniors and seniors hoping to study science in college could benefit from attending the STEM Bridge summer program at Quarrybrook.

Recent high school graduates as well as high school juniors and seniors, planning on studying science in college, might benefit from a bridge program offered by Northern Essex Community College this summer.

Designed to review math and science concepts, the one-week long STEM Bridge Academy will be offered by NECC at its affiliate campus at Quarrybrook Experiential Education Center at the Windham, NH, facility from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. June 26 through June 30.

“The STEM Bridge Academy addresses the needs of many first-semester science students who are surprised by how much knowledge they are expected to bring to the college classroom,” said Kirsten Kortz, NECC professor and STEM Bridge coordinator.  “In addition to concepts from chemistry, biology, and physics, there are also math and literacy skills that are needed in college science courses, and knowledge of how to conduct and write-up lab and field experiments.”

Quarrybrook Experiential Education Center in Windham, NH.

This summer’s theme is “Mapping the Ecosystem.” Students will work alongside NECC faculty and Quarrybrook educators to study the health of the water, soil, and animals at Quarrybrook, which sits on 245 acres of natural forest and marsh lands. Through field and lab work, students will learn the basics of scientific research design and data analysis, and will have the opportunity to present their findings to their peers.

Quarrybrook is a nonprofit, experiential education center, which NECC has been managing since fall of 2015. It is funded by the El-Hefni Educational Foundation.

“Mapping the Ecosystem,” is a project-based opportunity for students to review important science and math concepts, and to learn new skills around conducting field and lab research, analyzing and reporting data, and presenting findings to others.  Additionally, the Bridge Academy is an opportunity for students to meet peers with similar interests, to work with college faculty on important research, and to build a support network that can help them be successful as first year college students – whatever degree they pursue!

The cost of the program is $575.00, which includes all materials and supplies.  For more information or to register, please visit the website  or contact