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Haverhill Man Earns Scholarship While Pursuing Business Degree

Submitted by on July 30, 2018 – 4:13 pm

Shayne Russell is pursuing his business degree.

When Shayne Russell dropped out of high school several years ago, it was the right decision for him at that time. Just as enrolling in Northern Essex Community College’s business program is the right decision at this time.

His success in the program has earned him a $1,000 Santander Scholarship which is applied to his tuition and fees. He is one of nearly 200 Northern Essex students, more than 40 are Haverhill residents,  to share approximately $170,000 in scholarships .

Raised in Lynn, Russell opted out of attending high school in the ninth grade despite protests from family and friends. He earned his HiSet/GED and went straight to full-time work. Over the next few years, he worked for a fast food chain (McDonald’s) rising to the role of manager. His work experience only confirmed what he knew – that he had a business degree in him. He just didn’t know how to access it.

“If you told me two years ago that I would be a student at Northern Essex, I wouldn’t have believed it,” he said.

However, Russell believed in himself and held on to the realization “that I really wanted something more.”

Last fall, he took the initial step and enrolled in three courses, which led to another three in the spring, two this summer and four classes come September. The 21-year-old also works full time for Dunkin’ Donuts. He relies on public transportation to get to and from school and work.

“I hadn’t sat in a classroom in five or six years. I was just worried about passing,” he said. “Since I didn’t finish high school, I had never really developed good study habits.”

A first generation college student, Russell said it’s important to him that he succeeds. He is on track to graduate next year.

“I really want to do something to make my family proud and someone to look up to,” he said.

What he learned is that hard work pays off.

“NECC has positively impacted my life and has given me the foundation to be a better student, but also brought me closer to achieving my goals,“ he said. “As long as you apply yourself, you can do it.”

In his limited spare time, Russell volunteers for the MACEI Program, which exposes special needs students to college life. He spends time each week at the library with a young man named Peter. They discuss gaming, computers, and weather.

“I was thrilled to receive the scholarship,” he said. “It allows me to keep doing what I’m doing and stay focused.”

One day he hopes to own his own retail chain bearing his surname – Russell.

Northern Essex offers associate degrees in accounting, business management, hospitality management, business management: healthcare practice, and business transfer.

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