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NECC Student Instagram Account Launches

Submitted by on October 18, 2018 – 2:40 pm

Look for this bitmoji of Kiley and Alejandra who are the knightlife_necc stars.

What are the sights and sounds Northern Essex Community College students experience on campus? That’s what NECC students Kiley Broadhurst and Alejandra Lally have set out to discover and share via the newly created Knightlife_necc Instagram account.

The account was intended to capture moments on campus while highlighting academic programs, student life, support services, transfer opportunities, athletics, career advising, and much more, all from a student perspective. It was named after the school’s mascot, which is a knight. It is designed to be an interactive tool for current and prospective students.

Broadhurst a communication/journalism major, who works part time in the NECC public relations office, is sharing knightlife_necc duties with Lally, who is studying business: hospitality management . She works as a work-study student in the NECC alumni office.

Alejandra Lally (left) and Kiley Broadhurst (right) are the faces behind the new knightlife_necc Instagram account.

The two may snap a photo of what’s on the menu in the Café, or the wildlife who share the campus with the NECC community, or a really good book in the library. Wherever their eyes rest is what their phone’s camera lens may capture.

Students who would like to share their photos for potential posting to the knightlife_necc Instagram account, can forward photos to Broadhurst and Lally via email at If the photo is used then the student will be given photo credit.

Follow knightlife_necc on Instagram and get in on the fun.

If you have additional questions on knightlife_necc Instagram, contact Broadhurst or Lally at or follow the knightlife page.