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NECC 2020 Graduate: Tyler Sheltry

Submitted by on June 17, 2020 – 7:31 pm
photo of lab science major Tyler Sheltry in a yard surrounded by a fence.

Tyler Sheltry

Name:  Tyler Sheltry

Major: Laboratory Science

Hometown: Andover

High School and Year of Graduation:  Essex Agricultural and Technical High School in 2013

Did you attend another college or university before enrolling at NECC? If so, did you earn a certificate or degree? I went to University of Maine at Machias as a marine biology major, but only for one year.

What brought you to NECC? The school had a degree program that interested me, was not far from home, and was affordable

Why did you choose your major? I have always been good in science and math classes, so being a chemistry major seemed to make sense

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities at NECC? I was assistant stage manager and worked the tech booth as the light board operator for the 2019 production of A Christmas Carol

What are you planning for fall, 2020? I am planning on getting a job in field, and am currently trying to get an internship started at Pfizer

What did you appreciate most about NECC? The community feel from the students and staff

Was there a faculty or staff member who was especially helpful? If yes, how did they help you? There are two, Alisa Bucchiere, who helped to push me out of my comfort zone and encourage me, and Marguerite White-Jeanneau, who told me that she felt I was going in the right direction when I was questioning if I was cut out for this program and career path.

What surprised you most about NECC? How open and inviting all of the faculty and staff are to answering questions and helping.

What advice would you give an incoming NECC freshman? If you have a question ask it, whether it be in class, someone in the offices, or walking around campus they want to help you.

What would people be surprised to know about you? As part of my high school environmental science program I was HAZMAT certified.

What were the biggest challenges that you faced in pursuit of your associate degree? Balancing school, work, and personal life.

What are you long term career/education plans? I want to get a job in field, work for a a year or two then continue to a bachelors degree