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This CIS Grad Loved NECC’s Online Courses

Submitted by on May 23, 2022 – 3:49 pm

Wilson McCormack graduated with his associate degree in computer science and high honors.

Wilson McCormack attended college after graduating from Chelmsford High School in 2016, but it just wasn’t clicking.

Unsure about what he wanted to major in, he lacked focus and purpose, and dropped out after a few semesters to work full time.

In the fall of 2020, he was ready to go back; this time with a plan.

Always interested in computers—he liked to build his own—he started taking computer courses at Northern Essex.

This time it all came together.

On Saturday, May 14, McCormack graduated from Northern Essex Community College with high honors, a degree in Computer Information Science: Networking and Security, and plans to transfer to UMass Lowell where he will continue his studies in computer science.

McCormack claims his success this time around was in large part due to the support of his professors Jay Termini and Adrianna Holden-Gouveia, who helped with his academic goals and his career path, and his academic coach, who shared skills that will lead to academic success.

In March of his first year at Northern Essex, courses transitioned to online delivery in response to the pandemic, which became a positive for McCormack, who found that he appreciated the flexibility of online courses.

“I could do my work any time I wanted, even late at night,” said McCormack, who used discussion boards and online study groups available through Navigate, the college’s student app and website, to keep connected.

McCormack actually found that he preferred online courses to face-to-face courses, and, rather than finding them isolating, he was engaged with both his professors and other students.

McCormack isn’t sure in what specific career direction his degree will lead him, but he knows he’s on the right track and he’s looking forward to exploring his options at UMass Lowell.

All his courses transferred there, so he will save significantly on his bachelor’s degree.

“Most of my time at Northern Essex was spent in the midst of a pandemic. Despite that, it was a great experience. I learned a lot about by myself and I feel like I’m on a great path.”

To learn more about studying computer science at Northern Essex, visit the website.