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Kick-start a Career in Computer Networking and Security

Networking and Security
NECC’s associate in science degree program in computer networking and security will prepare you for success in the rapidly expanding field of networking and security. Learn how to install, configure, and manage the hardware and software used in different networks and explore the skills needed to keep communications, operations, and network infrastructures secure from hacks and breaches.

Why Choose NECC?

NECC provides an affordable way for you to prepare for entry into a hot job market. With this program you will:

  • Understand how to set up a Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), and Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Learn how to troubleshoot operating systems, create system users and groups, and administer permissions
  • Gain knowledge of firewalls and other security measures for computer networks
  • Understand how to assess network security and organizational risk for data breaches or operational interruptions
  • Learn how to improve security across all aspects of computer operations
  • Gain knowledge of data protection, system backups and recovery
  • Build on your communication and problem-solving skills
  • Benefit from extensive hands-on experience in NECC’s computer labs

Because of NECC

You will be prepared for various types of high-demand careers across multiple industries, including healthcare, education, defense, retail, and government. After completing our networking & security associate degree program you can:

  • Pursue work as a network administrator, network support technician, system administrator and more
  • Pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer and information sciences or a related field


Northern Essex was just as focused as I was in finding a career for me that I would be challenged in, excel at, and enjoy.”

Samantha Romano, Computer & Information Science

Courses, Requirements, and Program Notes


Career Paths & Job Market

Helpful Links for Researching Careers

Helpful Links for Researching Careers

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Department Chair

Department Chair

Michael Penta, Department Chair

Haverhill Campus,
Hartleb Technology Center
Office: TC-219
Phone: 978-556-3892

Faculty Contact Information

Faculty Contact Information

Adrianna Holden-Gouveia

Haverhill Campus
Hartleb Technology Center
Office: TC-218
Phone: 978-556-3884

Jason Termini

Haverhill Campus
Hartleb Technology Center
Office: TC-217
Phone: 978-556-3874

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