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The Bentley Library (Haverhill campus) and the Lawrence Campus Library maintain an “open door” policy and are accessible to the entire community. Students, faculty and staff engaged in research or other course related activity will be given first priority for computer access. All patrons are expected to use the resources of the libraries in a responsible manner.

  • Cell Phones: Cell phone use in the libraries is not permitted. Please turn cell phone ringer
    off or set to silent or vibrate upon entering the Library.
  • Disruptive Behavior: Disruptive or inappropriate behavior, such as loud talking, swearing
    or overt displays of affection, are inappropriate in a library setting.
  • Animals: Pets are not allowed in the Library, with the exception of guide dogs
  • Personal Possessions: The Library Staff are not responsible for your personal property. Please do not leave personal possessions, i.e., laptops, phones, unattended.

Library policies are in accordance with the NECC Computer and Network Usage Policy.

Limitation of Use
  • If students are waiting to do research, non-students may be asked to vacate the station to allow the
    students to conduct research.
  • Computer use may be restricted to students, staff and faculty only during periods of high demand.

Students who do not comply with the Acceptable Use Policy may be referred to the Associate Dean of Student Life or campus and/or local police for potential disciplinary action. Other Library patrons may be referred to campus or local police.

Updated: 08/29/2013

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