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The purpose of this Collection Development Policy is to guide the Northern Essex Community College Libraries in collecting and maintaining materials for the Haverhill and Lawrence Campus Libraries. The first obligation of the libraries is provide for the needs of our students and faculty and to support the curriculum of the college. In addition to supporting the College’s formal academic programs, the libraries secondarily collect materials that support general interests of the college community.

The library collects materials in a variety of formats that are relevant to the educational programs of the college, balance the collection and represent a wide range of social, educational and intellectual viewpoints.

Responsibility for Selection

The selection of library materials is a joint responsibility of the faculty and library staff. The library encourages faculty, students and staff to make recommendation for materials to be added to the collection. Ultimate responsibility for the selection of library materials resides with the Director of Library Services.

Acquisitions Priorities

The Library’s first priority is to provide materials to students in support of the curriculum. The aim of collection development is to support both undergraduate course work and the sustained knowledge of a subject. The Library serves faculty research by purchasing more advanced materials if funds are available, or by obtaining them through interlibrary loan. The library also serves as a repository of major college documents such as All-College Council Minutes, Board of Trustees minutes and accreditation reports.

Book and Media Selection

Faculty, staff and student involvement in collection development is encouraged. Selection is made on the basis of recommendations, reviews, current and retrospective bibliographies and lists of notable materials.

Hardbound versus Paperbound Books

Hardcover editions of a book are generally purchased.

Paperbound Editions

May be purchased if multiple copies are needed, if a hardcover is unavailable or if the paperbound appears to be a better value.


Textbooks are purchased when they provide a good, general introduction to a topic.
The library does not purchase the specific edition of a textbook used in a College course: however, instructors or others may place copies on reserve.

Out of Print Books

The Library seeks to replace out of print books that are relevant to the library collection if they can be obtained at a reasonable price and are in very good to excellent condition.

Electronic Books

The Library maintains a growing collection of electronic volumes available for circulation through the library catalog.

DVD Collection

Libraries at both campuses purchase documentary, educational and popular films in DVD format.

Serial Selection
  • Orders for new periodicals and continuations are generally placed on an annual basis to conform to the college budget cycle. The librarians perform an annual reassessment of all serials on standing order. The basis of this reassessment is the continuing value of these materials and their relevance to the collection.
  • Periodicals: The periodical collection at both the Haverhill and Lawrence Campus Libraries contains a wide variety of titles representing the curriculum of the college. In addition, a group of more popular titles are acquired to provide for the general interest of the N.E.C.C. community. When selecting titles for purchase the library also considers availability in electronic format, availability elsewhere in the geographic area and the financial resources of the library.
  • Microforms: The library maintains a back file collection of journals and newspapers on microfilm that is not currently being updated.
  • Electronic Resources: Electronic resources are selected using the same criteria applied to acquisition of other formats. Content should be accessible from all on campus PC’s. Off campus access should also be a priority as budget permits.

The Library accepts donations of books and other library materials for addition to the collection with the understanding that they are subject to the same selection criteria as are purchased materials. The library Director, or his or her appointee, is free to dispose of unwanted materials if they are not suitable or needed by the library. Acknowledgement of the receipt of materials will be provided to the donor however, the library does not furnish appraisals.

Withdrawal of Materials

Materials are withdrawn from the library in order to maintain a current and useful collection that reflects the needs of the college community. Consultation with the teaching faculty and/or checking of subject bibliographies is undertaken prior to withdrawal.

Book and media titles are withdrawn according the following criteria:

  • Works where information has been superceded or presented in newer, more comprehensive or more accurate formats.
  • Titles of little curricular or general interest.
  • Titles containing outdated or inaccurate information.
  • Worn, mutilated or badly damaged materials.
  • Number of copies in the collection
  • Little or no record of circulation use.
  • Availability of other formats (i.e. electronic)

Serial titles are withdrawn according the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness of the materials to the collection
  • Use of the material
  • Availability of indexing
  • Cost of the subscription
  • Availability of other formats (i.e. electronic)

Updated: 12/12/2011

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