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Collection Development Statement

The NECC Libraries support the teaching and research needs of Northern Essex students and faculty by developing, maintaining, and creating accessible collections with evolving services for both on-campus and online students. The Libraries adhere to copyright policies and best practices, and purchase materials as appropriate. This collection development policy was written to establish guidelines in the selection, retention, and maintenance of library materials.

Selection Statement

The primary mission of the Libraries is provide resources to support the curriculum and research needs of NECC’s students and faculty, with a secondary goal to collect materials that reflect the general interests of the entire College community.

In addition to a resource’s relevance to the curriculum and collection, factors for selection and retention include, but are not limited to: format, currency, cost, and collection balance representing a range of social, educational and intellectual viewpoints.

The Libraries also serve as an archive and depository of College documents such as All College Assembly minutes, Board of Trustees minutes, accreditation reports, and College historical collections.

Responsibility for Selection

The selection of library materials is a joint responsibility of the librarians and library staff, with extensive input from faculty. Ultimate responsibility for the selection of library materials resides with the Director of Library Services.

Suggestions for acquisitions from faculty, staff, and students are welcomed, but are subject to the same selection criteria as all other library materials.

Acquisitions Priorities

Librarians perform regular assessments of print and digital resources to maintain collection currency and relevance (with specific attention to collection requirements for academic program accreditation). Selection of new materials and continuation of print or digital subscriptions are made on the basis of affordability, faculty and curriculum needs, reviews, and availability of resources through the library’s consortia.

The library does not purchase textbooks used in the College’s courses, however, general works used in the curriculum (such as works of literature) are regularly acquired due to their broad application across disciplines.

Withdrawal of Materials

Librarians regularly review materials for withdrawal or discontinuation to maintain a robust and useful collection that reflects the current needs of the College. Materials may be withdrawn and/or discontinued for one or more of the following reasons: physical condition, currency, lack of circulation, budgetary constraints, and availability in other formats or through the Libraries’ consortia. Consultation with teaching faculty may be undertaken prior to withdrawal, particularly when deaccessioning multiple volumes or discontinuing standing subscriptions to print or digital resources.


The Library accepts donations of books and other library materials which may be added to the collection after review by librarians or library staff for relevance, condition, etc. All donations are subject to disposal at the discretion of the Director of Libraries if they do not meet selection criteria. Written acknowledgement of the receipt of materials will be provided to the donor upon request.

Updated: 1/2/2018

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