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The total cost of a course is based on a number of factors: costs assessed per credit such as tuition and college fee; fees associated with courses such as student activity fee, Blackboard access fee, and high cost course fee; and other charges such as facilities fee, registration fee, health insurance, and course material and other fees. Other charges may be incurred based on particular courses/programs requirements.

Tuition and College Fees
Massachusetts Residents

Credit courses: $206/Credit
Tuition $25/credit
Fee $181/credit

iHealth/Health Credit Courses: $286/credit
Tuition $25/credit
Fee $261/credit

New England Regional

(Residents of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Connecticut)
Credit Courses: $219/credit
Tuition $38/credit
Fee $181/credit

iHealth/Health Credit Courses: $299/credit
Tuition $38/credit
Fee $261/credit


Credit Courses: $447/credit
Tuition $266/credit
Fee $181/credit
iHealth/Health Credit Courses:$527/credit
Tuition $266/credit
Fee $261/credit

Massachusetts High School/Early College Program

Credit Courses: $110/credit
Tuition $25/credit
Fee $85/credit

Other per Credit Charges

Student Activity Fee $8/credit

Blackboard Access Fee $5/credit

High Cost Course Fee:

Level 1 $7/credit
Level 2 $12/credit
Level 3 $17/credit

Other Charges

Facilities Fee for Students taking six or fewer credits (per Term): $100

Facilities Fee for Students taking seven or more credits (per Term): $180

Registration Fee (per semester): $10

Student Health Insurance Fee (waivable): $1,879

Malpractice Insurance, where required (per academic year): $14.50

Applied Music Surcharge (per course): $300

Late Registration Penalty: Assessed to returning students (after August 20, 2018): $100

Returned Check Fee: $25

Testing Fees for Health Programs

ATI Testing – I/II: $562.50

ATI Testing – III/IV: $562.50

DataArc: $60

EMS Testing: $48

Lab Screening: $38

MA Certification Exam: $155

MA ATI: $35

Neonatal Resuscitation: $20

NHA Certification Exam: $105

Platinum Plus Service: $180

Radiation Monitor: $7

Radiation Monitor: (I) $14

SAE-TMC: $45


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