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Laptop Lending Program
  • These laptop policies are the same at both the Lawrence and Haverhill libraries.
  • Students must present a valid, current student ID in order to borrow a laptop. Laptops may be borrowed only by currently enrolled NECC students. They are not available for students covered by any NECC partnership agreements.
  • Laptops are available on a first come-first served basis. No reservations for equipment will be accepted.
  • At checkout, students must read and sign an Equipment Liability Agreement Form. The form includes the checkout parameters, an inventory of items borrowed, and overdue fee information.
  • A copy of the Equipment Liability Agreement will be included with the equipment each time it is checked out, showing the date/time it is due back, a list of the pieces of equipment loaned, overdue fines, and liability for replacement costs. Basic operation instructions and contact information if problems are encountered during the loan period will also be included.
  • Laptops may only be checked out and returned during the operating hours of the library. At check out, a receipt showing the specific due date/time will be attached to a copy of the Equipment Liability Form, and given to the student.
  • The checkout period for laptops is 48 hours. Equipment borrowed on a Thursday is due back by 3:00pm on the subsequent Friday. Equipment borrowed on a Friday is due back in 72 hours on the following Monday (Tuesday if a holiday weekend).
  • Laptops and any related equipment (case, charging cord, mouse) are not eligible for renewal.
  • There is a 48 hour waiting period from the time a student returns a laptop until they are eligible to check one out again.
  • Equipment that is not returned by the date/time due will accrue a fine of $1.00 per hour.
  • As staffing levels permit, the library will attempt to contact the borrowing student in the event that a laptop is overdue. However, even if contact with the student is made, the $1.00 per hour overdue charge will continue to accrue until such time as the laptop is physically returned to and checked in by the library.
  • If a laptop is overdue by 24 hours, a Banner HOLD will be placed on the student’s account until such time as the equipment has been returned and deemed to be in working order. When a laptop is returned that is 24 hours or more overdue, the student to whom the equipment was checked out will forfeit laptop checkout privileges for the remainder of the current semester. An alert shall be placed on the student’s library account to that effect.
  • Laptops must be returned to the same library (Haverhill or Lawrence) from which they were checked out. Laptops cannot be left with Public Safety or any other college staff besides library staff. Laptops and equipment may NOT be placed in library book drops. Any equipment that is left with Public Safety, in a book drop, or elsewhere will continue to accrue overdue charges until such time as actually checked in by library staff, and will result in the student to whom the equipment was checked out forfeiting his or her laptop checkout privileges. An alert shall be placed on the student’s library account record to that effect.
  • When equipment is returned to the library, the receiving staff member will visually inspect all pieces to ensure that everything is present, and also turn on the laptop to verify it boots properly to the desktop screen.

Revised 3/22/2018

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