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Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees
Minutes of Special Meeting (Official) – April 14, 2020

A special meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held via ZOOM at 4:00 PM.


Ms. Borislow
Mr. Cox
Mr. Forman
Mr. Guilmette
Mr. Linehan
Ms. Morin
Ms. O’Rorke
Ms. Paley Nadel
Ms. Worden

Also Present

President Glenn

Not Present

Ms. Fernandez and Ms. Quiles

Call To Order

Chairman Linehan called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM. 

President Glenn thanked the Trustees for attending this special meeting.  He noted that in addition to the one motion for consideration, he also wanted to provide the Trustees with a brief update on the college regarding the recent pandemic.  As Trustees all know, all college activity for faculty/staff/students has been converted to remote teaching, learning and working.  President Glenn noted that he has provided the college community with numerous updates, and also has held Town Halls for both students and faculty/staff.  During those Town Halls, he and the leadership team have shared what steps have been taken during the pandemic to ensure that classes continue and faculty/staff work remotely.  If Trustees are interested, they may review the recorded videos of both sessions which were emailed to everyone in a recent college update.  In addition, the college recently filed for its CARES Act grant funding, part of which will be direct student aid.  Lastly, the college’s Institutional Advancement and Marketing staffs, under the leadership of Allison Dolan Wilson, VP of Institutional Advancement, are taking creative approaches to help students stay enrolled (with an NECC COVID 19 Emergency Fund), and to advertise and prepare for Summer and fall enrollment periods which has started this week.  He noted that he would also provide periodic updates as events around the pandemic continue to unfold, and he thanked Trustees for their continued support.

New Business

President Glenn noted that the recommended motion is related to the procedures adopted by the NECC Foundation so that the college is able to access funds available from the BHE through the legislature’s Endowment Match Incentive Program as soon as possible.  While initial plans were to request approval later this spring, the college’s leadership team felt it would be wise to ask for approval as soon as possible due to potential 9C cuts by the Governor.  The college is hoping to submit the request for the funding match, approximately $166,000, by the end of business tomorrow.  With no further questions or comments, Chairman Linehan asked for a motion to approve agenda item 2a.

2a) Motion to Approve Procedures Developed by the NECC Foundation to Administer the Board of Higher Education’s Endowment Incentive Program. (ADM-3613-041420)

On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee Cox, on a roll call vote, it was voted unanimously to approve procedures developed by the NECC Foundation to administer the Board of Higher Education’s Endowment Incentive Program.

President Glenn thanked the Trustees again for their continued support.


With no other business, Chairman Linehan adjourned at 4:15 PM.

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