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Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees
Minutes of Meeting (Official) – December 6, 2017

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held in the Hartleb Technology Center at the Haverhill Campus at 5:00PM.

Ms. Benning
Ms. Borislow
Mr. Cox
Mr. Guilmette
Mr. Linehan
Ms. Paley Nadel
Ms. Worden

Absent: Ms. Cerasuolo-O’Rorke, Mr. D’Orazio, and Mr. Forman,
Also Present: President Glenn

Call to Order

Chairman Linehan called the meeting to order at 5:06 PM.

Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Trustee Borislow seconded by Trustee Paley Nadel, it was voted unanimously to approve the November 1, 2017 minutes as presented.


There was none.

Unfinished Business

President Glenn introduced several new employees. They were: Ms. Erin Colstad, the college’s new coordinator of Special Programs – Patient Simulation Center, Ms. Melanie Batista-Ortiz, a new Academic Counselor, and Mr. Andreas Fleckenstein, the college’s new Culinary Arts/Hospitality Professor. The Board welcomed all three new employees.

Education Report

  1. Sabbatical Report: Honors English Composition I Class (ADM-3425-120617)

    President Glenn introduced Professor of English Ginger Hurajt who presented a report on her sabbatical leave which included research and writing to create an Honors English Composition I class. Professor Hurajt noted that as part of her sabbatical, she attended a class at UMass Lowell as well as a conference in Seattle on this topic to help her design the course. The course combines the outcomes of a writing course with the goals of the First Year Seminar and the practice of Service Learning. She went on to explain that the course focuses on the concept of mastery and includes instruction, motivation, practice and sometimes pitfalls. The students write and reflect on the process and also include an interview with a senior about their experiences. All of these aspects of the course help students set goals for future ambitions while meeting Honors, First Year Seminar, and Service Learning goals as well.

    Professor Hurajt noted that service learning has become an important part of the learning process in coursework and has been incorporated into many classes. As part of their study, students work at social service agencies and are engaged with the community by assisting with servicing to those who are in need. The college has several service learning community partners to work with.

    President Glenn thanked Professor Hurajt her report.

  2. Sabbatical Report: How to Effectively Teach Students on the Autism Spectrum (ADM-3426-120617)

    President Glenn then introduced Professor Marilyn McCarthy who presented information on her sabbatical research on how to effectively teach students on the autism spectrum.

    Professor McCarthy noted that she spent a considerable amount of time studying the Autism spectrum with a focus on learning how to more effectively help students on the spectrum succeed at NECC. Her research on the various ways an autistic person might think was presented to faculty.

    As noted in her research, students on the spectrum think differently and in three different ways:

    1. bottom up thinking which is thoughtful and scientific with a keen attention to detail;
    2. associative thinking which is typically non-linear and uses long term memory; and
    3. creative thinking which is very different in nature in that students have sudden and unexpected recognition of concepts or facts.

    For each type of learning on the spectrum, Professor McCarthy provided ways in which faculty can help guide students in their learning and build on their view of the world.

    At the end of the report, Trustee Linehan asked from a faculty perspective, what was considered to be the most challenging thinker. She noted that it various greatly from student to student and from faculty to faculty, but from her perspective, it would probably be the creative thinker as the education system as a whole is not typically geared toward the creative thinker. She noted that in her reading classes, she now asks students to explain how they “picture” something as knowing their visual awareness can be a critical aspect of the teaching and learning process.

    Trustee Paley Nadel asked how faculty come to know that they have an autistic student in one of their classes. Professor McCarthy noted that the college has a learning accommodations office that will alert faculty (if the student self-identifies and requests services). If the student does not notify the college, it can be a challenge, and her sabbatical research and work will certainly help faculty identify those students and assist them in their learning. In closing, Professor McCarthy noted that she has shared her work with the college’s Center for Professional Development where Dr. Kim Burns will assist in connecting faculty with the research and also provide a very detailed annotated bibliography to share with faculty. President Glenn thanked Ms. McCarthy for her report.

Report of Board Committees

  1. Audit and Finance Committee

    1. Motion to Accept NECC FY2017 Audited Financial Statements (AFC 18-03)

      Trustee Paley Nadel noted that the college is on the path to mastery in terms of their financial audit as the auditors (O’Connor and Drew) reported to the A&F committee a well-received management report. The Audit and Finance Committee recommends the full board accept the FY2017 Audited Financial Statements.

      On a Motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee Borislow, it was voted unanimously to accept the FY17 Audited Financial Statements and related material.

    2. Motion to Accept FY2017 Uniform Guidance (a.k.a. “Title 2 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards”) Single Audit Report (AFC 18-04)

      Trustee Paley Nadel noted that A&F Committee recommends that the full board accept the FY2017 Uniform Guidelines Audit as presented.

      On a Motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee Borislow, it was voted unanimously to accept the FY17 Uniform Guidance Audit.

    3. Motion to Accept FY2017 Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance (MOSFA) Audit Report (AFC 18-05)

      Trustee Paley Nadel noted that the A&F Committee recommends that the full board accept the FY2017 MOSFA Audit Report as presented.

      On a Motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee Borislow, it was voted unanimously to accept the FY17 Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance (MOSFA) Audit Report.

    President Glenn thanked the auditors of O’Connor and Drew for their assistance. Before the auditors left the meeting, he asked Trustees if they had any further questions. With none, the full board thanked the auditors for their time and work at NECC.

Report of Administration

President Glenn spoke briefly about the following items:

  1. Institutional Advancement Report: Private Sector Fundraising (ADM-3427-120617)

    President Glenn introduced Vice President of Institutional Advancement Jean Poth who provided a brief update on private sector fundraising efforts. Vice President Poth noted that the Institutional Advancement office and staff are responsible for alumni, grants (public and private), fundraising events, the NECC Foundation and Women of NECC. The college is very fortunate to have Dean of Development Wendy Shaffer who is a skilled writer and has successfully brought in nearly $3 million in grant funding during FY2017. Wendy is also currently working on four federal grants which will be submitted on or before December 22, 2017. Ms. Poth noted that the enclosed report demonstrates in-kind donations to the college in excess of $200,000. She also noted the generous support and fundraising efforts of the Women of NECC who gave out over $30,000 in scholarships and have raised over $200,000 in the last 20 years. She noted that the Foundation Board, with over 40 members, is the largest in the community college segment, and the Alumni Board (with 9 members) continues to be very generous in their support by providing donations and scholarships to needy students.

    President Glenn thanked Vice President Poth and the entire Institutional Advancement staff for their continued work and support of the college and its students.

  2. NECC Capital Campaign (ADM-3428-120617)

    President Glenn noted that related to the Institutional Advancement Report, the college has conducted a study to explore the feasibility of an NECC Capital Campaign. He noted that that college has greater needs than it can accommodate with its current revenue sources. Looking ahead, the college will need to become increasingly reliant on private sources of funding. With that said, the NECC Foundation Board has approved the attached feasibility study (in the packets), and the college is in the process of contracting with JNB Fundraising Associates as campaign counsel to work with the college over the next few months in developing goals for the campaign. The identified areas of focus for the campaign are: 1) NECC Culinary Arts & Hospitality Institute, 2) Fitness and Athletics Programs (NECC has a nationally ranked baseball and track team 3) an NECC Information Technology Hardware Upgrade, 4) a Library in Lawrence, and 5) an endowment fund of $1.8 million. President Glenn concluded by noting that “As costs of operations rise, we want to be ensure our tradition of not turning a student away for inability to pay.”

    With no questions, he closed his remarks noting that the Foundation Board fully supports this endeavor and that he and Vice President Poth will be working closely with the consultant. President Glenn noted that he hoped all Trustees would participate in any way they are comfortable.

  3. NECC 2020: Strategic Plan Progress Update (Verbal)

    President Glenn provided a brief update regarding the Strategic Plan. Dr. Kim Burns, Dean of Academic Innovation and Professional Development has done a wonderful job of developing and supporting the work around one of the four goals related to Professional Development. Dr. Burns’ utilizes the sabbatical work of faculty (like Professor Hurajt and McCarthy in tonight’s education report) and brings that information and research to the Center for Professional Development so that it can be shared with all faculty and staff. Dr. Burns has also been tasked with helping the college support its past NCBI work, and is currently leading the research on another model which involves being a part of a diversity consortium as a best practice.

  4. Haverhill Campus Update (Verbal)

    President Glenn reported that he received official notification today that the Lupoli Company has been selected by DCAMM as the developer for the Culinary Arts site. The site will include classroom and kitchen, a restaurant, meeting spaces and will also serve as a place where culinary interns can get work experience. President Glenn noted that the college also anticipates the space to house the new career center as well. The college has been managing the center, and it will be a great space in terms of location and accessibility for the downtown.

    President Glenn also noted that he attended the first Sheriff’s Academy graduation on Friday, December 8th. He noted how impressive the graduations are and thanked Trustee Guilmette for his work a year ago in getting these academies started on campus.

  5. Lawrence Campus Update (Verbal)

    President Glenn noted that the Lawrence Partnership had a wonderfully successful annual event on December 5th at the Everett Mill in Lawrence. Nearly 400 attendees gathered to hear about the work around Lawrence Partnership and to hear remarks from Rosalin Acosta, Massachusetts Secretary for Labor and Workforce Development (and former NECC Trustee), Linda Pizzuti Henry of the Boston Globe and Boston Red Sox Foundation as well as Jeff Bussgang, former entrepreneur and venture capitalist with Flybridge Capital speak about the continued influence that the partnership has had on the economic development in the city of Lawrence. Dave Tibbets, a founding member of the Lawrence Partnership was honored with the Dave Tibbetts Economic Impact Award for his role in the partnership’s development as well as the vital role he has played in the economic development for the Merrimack Valley.

    In closing, President Glenn also noted that he received notification that a line item has been placed in the FY19 budget request for $25 million by Rep. Frank Moran for the Lawrence Police Station. While the process is a very long one, and the request may not make it into the final budget at the end of the process, it was exciting and encouraging to see that it is once again being considered.

  6. Department of Higher Education – Early College Preliminary Designation Process (Verbal)

    President Glenn reported that later in the agenda under Grants, Trustees will be asked to approve a grant for early college designation funding. This grant will help to expand early college programming in the state. 30 applications were submitted with several partners, and NECC is pleased to have been selected as a recipient. While the funding is modest, it is encouraging to have been selected.

  7. NECC Peer Review Capital Request (Verbal)

    President Glenn also noted that Trustees are being asked to approve (under New Business) a motion for the Mass. Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance Project Capital Requests. The Strategic Framework process that the college has been involved in over the last year has helped DCAMM in better distributing state capital money. Through that process, each college was able to clearly define their capital needs. The motion allows the college to submit a proposal to have the “B” and “E” buildings renovated with a cost of just over $11 million.

  8. Reminder: Cambridge College Partnership Event, Thursday, December 7th at 10AM, Riverwalk Campus (Verbal)

    President Glenn reminded Trustees of the event at Riverwalk to celebrate the new partnership which will bring more bachelor degree completion programs and articulation agreements to NECC students. He hoped Trustees could attend.

  9. DATE CHANGE: Statewide Trustee Conference, Thursday, March 1, 2018 @ Doubletree Hotel, Westborough, MA (Verbal)

    President Glenn noted the date change and asked Trustees to attend if they were available. When registration is available, Cheryl Goodwin will let Trustees know.

New Business

  1. Motion

    Chairman Linehan noted that the first motion was already explained by President Glenn and motions 9b and 9c were for the approval of two new academic programs. With no questions, he asked that all three motions be approved collectively, and read each motion aloud:

    1. Motion to Approve Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) Major Project Capital Requests (ADM-3429-120617)
    2. Motion to Approve a new Associate in Science Program in Chemistry/ Physics/Environmental Science (ADM-3430-120617)
    3. Motion to Approve a new Associate in Science Program in Exercise Science (ADM-3431-120617)

    On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee Borislow, the three motions 9a, 9b, and 9c as noted on the agenda were approved unanimously as presented.

  2. Personnel Actions

    1. Delegation of Authority to Appoint New Full-Time Employees to Existing Vacancies during December, 2017 and January 2018 (ADM-3432-120617)
      President Glenn noted that the board customarily approves this motion every year so that the college can continue to hire full time faculty/staff during the months when the Board of Trustees do not meet. All new hires will be brought to the board in February.On a Motion by Trustee Cox seconded by Trustee Borislow, it was voted unanimously to approve the Delegation of Authority to the President to appoint new full-time employees during the months of December 2017 and January 2018.
  3. Grants

    Chairman Linehan noted that there were six (6) new grants for consideration. With no questions, the chairman moved for a vote on the following grants:

      1. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education/Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Early College Designation Grant (ADM-3433-120617)
      2. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education: Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MA ICEI) For Students with Disabilities Supplemental Funds (ADM-3434-120617)
      3. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education: Performance Incentive Fund Grants (ADM-3435-120617)
      4. Northeast Regional STEM Network Collaborative Project (ADM-3436-120617)
      5. United States Department of Labor/Massasoit Community College: Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College And Career Training Program (TAA/CCCT): Academic Program Team Supplemental Funds (ADM-3437-120617)
      6. United States Department of Labor/Massasoit Community College: Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Program: Open Educational Resources (OER) Degree Initiative (ADM-3438-120617)

    On a Motion by Trustee Cox, seconded by Trustee Borislow, it was voted unanimously to approve the six (6) grants as noted on the agenda as items 8e1 through 8e6.

Other Business

President Glenn and Chairman Linehan wished all board members a very happy holiday season.


With no other business, Chairman Linehan adjourned the meeting at 6:03PM.

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