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A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held via a Zoom Teleconference at 5:00PM.




Ms. Borislow

Mr. Cox

Mr. Dodier

Ms. Fernandez

Mr. Guilmette

Mr. Linehan

Ms. O’Rorke

Ms. Quiles

Ms. Paley Nadel

Ms. Sanchez

Ms. Worden

Also Present:  President Glenn   



Chairwoman Borislow called the meeting to order at 5:02 PM.   




On a Motion presented by Trustee O’Rorke and seconded by Trustee Paley Nadel, by roll call vote, the Board unanimously approved the April 7, 2021 minutes as presented.



Although there was no traditional correspondence, President Glenn welcomed Trustee Shalimar Quiles who introduced her cousin, Yashana Rivera, who was chosen to be honored at the “29 who Shine” event which will be virtually presented on May 12.  Shalimar expressed how privileged and proud she was of her cousin, signifying all that is beauty about our culture, community and family.   Yashana felt very honored to represent NECC and expressed one highlight of her experience at NECC was being connected to community service and leadership opportunities, most recently at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center while administering vaccines to the Lawrence community.  President Glenn thanked Yashana for sharing her very impressive experiences and honors. 



a)    Introduction of Newly Hired Employees (Verbal)

President Glenn welcomed Ryan Green in his new role as NECC’s first Police Officer under the leadership of Chief Crafts.  Officer Green has a wealth of experience in Higher Education and municipal government, having worked at North Shore Community College the past four years, and served in the towns of Ipswich and West Newbury.

Also welcomed was Venus Emmanuel, an EDP Systems Analyst II, and Rosanna Lara in her new role as Covid Tracing Campus Manager.  Rosanna was a guest star in a special three -minute video, which featured red another NECC grad, Paul Melendy, who performed interpretive dance to highlight safety measures that the college has taken to prepare for a safe return to campus.

President Glenn expressed special thanks to Allison Dolan-Wilson and all the creative minds in marketing for attracting so much positive attention for this college.  Chair Borislow noted that this video was shown across many college campuses and to the world of epidemiologists and was very thrilled to see this exceptional effort.



Chairwoman Borislow reported that the Board was notified of President Glenn’s upcoming evaluation one week ago.  Due to this short period of time, a deadline extension will be requested, with the hope that it is finalized by the end of the summer.

Chair Borislow also noted a sense of pride to be affiliated with NECC, due to the many positive things that are happening at the school, such as our community partnerships with the vaccine distribution centers, our being the only community college having an actual graduation, a very active Board of Trustees, along with the various sub-committees, our very own member, Dr. William Heineman,  elected to Chair the North Shore Community College, and our own student , Rashana Rivera, becoming a member of the “Twenty-Nine who Shine.”



Student Success Management Office (ADM-3672-050521)

President Glenn introduced Dr. Bill Heineman who praised Marcy Yeager for her many efforts in leading a highly successful Early College Program here at NECC.

NECC’s Early College model has successfully adapted to COVID-19 and experienced program growth despite the pandemic.  Northern Essex has created an Early College Pathways program that allows all regional students to attend NECC during their Junior and Senior year and complete up to 30 credits before graduation.  The Pathways model provides an academic framework for our two Early College Designated high schools, Lawrence High School and Haverhill High School, while supporting smaller schools that might not be able to fiscally commit to large numbers of students.  In addition, NECC was recently awarded a third designation for Whittier Technical Regional High School which will enroll up to 120 new students this Fall.

With an application process that includes an assessment and advisement, the students can seamlessly transition from high school to an early college student.  Every student chooses an academic pathway, in order for every course to transfer to the two-year degree.  Also, students do not heed to reapply to NECC after completing the Early College program.

President Glenn expressed a note of appreciation to Noemi Custodia-Lora who began this program back in 2017. Also, noted was the efforts of Shalimar Quiles who worked with Jeff Riley, the former Superintendent of Lawrence Public schools from 2012 to 2018. The ongoing success of this program is carried forth under the direction of Marci Yeager and Jennifer Mezquita.




1)    Audit and Finance Sub-Committee  (AFC-21-05)

Chair Cox reviewed the proposed budget of $66,245,585 with Mike McCarthy and President Glenn and found it to be a solid budget with a very conservative approach, keeping in mind the uncertainties that may lie ahead. With the base budget, special initiatives, SUCCESS fund which originated here at NEC, and Early College funding, the college is in a better position than expected, allowing us to mitigate some of the risk and prepare for the years ahead.  Chair Cox noted that once the state sets the final budget and we have the enrollment figures, we can then view the final budget in the fall.

The proposed FY2022 Budget is based upon the following: state support using level funding from FY21, the $3.00 increase in the College Fee – Regular, the $3.00 increase in the College Fee – Allied Health, and the $5.00 increase in Early College.

On a Motion presented by Trustee Paley-Nadel, seconded by Trustee Borislow, on a roll call vote, the board unanimously approved the Audit and Finance Committee’s proposed budget of $66,245,585.


2)    Alumni Advancement Sub-Committee

Chair Fernandez reported that she and Allison Dolan-Wilson are planning a Trustee Emeritus gathering on May 26 at 8:00 am via Zoom and will report on this event next month.


3)    Equity Imperative Sub-Committee 

Chair Paley-Nadel noted there was no update this month, but has communicated with Noemi Custodia-Lora and will schedule a meeting in two weeks.  A report will follow next month.


4)    Nominating Sub-Committee

Chair Quiles reported that a meeting will be scheduled soon. 



President Glenn provided brief updates on the following topics:

a)    Update on NECHE Accreditation & Virtual Site Visit

The ten-year NECHE self-evaluation has been completed. President Glenn noted that of all the self-evaluation processes and site visits in which he has participated, this visit was the most satisfying.  Dr. Sonya Christiansen, the visiting team Chair, is noted for her efforts to improve student achievement through guided pathways, and other innovative and forward-thinking strategies.  She was recently chosen to serve as the sixth chancellor of the Kern Community College District, one of the geographically largest community college districts in the nation, serving an area of approximately 25,000 square miles in parts of Kern, Tulare, Inyo, Mono, and San Bernardino Counties. The next steps in the accreditation process involves receiving a draft report which Dr. Christiansen will send to the Commission.  Later this year, the Commissioners will act on that report.

b)    NECC 2020 Strategic Plan

The current centerpiece of the Strategic Plan has involved the Integrated Student Experience in all its forms, including the Equity Imperative, which was explored in the recent Professional Day.  One area of focus is the Faculty Equity Dashboard which is an impressive tool to review courses and compare the outcomes among different ethnic groups.

The new Vice President of Academic Affairs position will be advertised and distributed to prospective candidates next week. President Glenn expressed his thanks to the faculty and staff who have agreed to serve on the search committee.

c)    Haverhill Campus

The front of the Behrakis building is nearly completed, with the addition of the railings. 

The campus grounds have been torn up for underground utility work. 

The parking lot paving, along with curbing, is ongoing.

Much success was had with the last baseball games of the season with scores of five to one and fifteen to five, all while a recruiter was looking on.  Someone is bound for stardom!

d)    Lawrence Campus

In collaboration with the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center, the Dimitry building will host a COVID-19 vaccination site.  Rosanna Lara has been dispatched to the classrooms in order to publicize this availability.

Next month, an update will be given on the St. Anne’s renovation project, along with the police station.

We are looking forward to May 15, our day-long commencement.  Many thanks to the Leadership Cabinet and Board members for their participation.

A trustee gathering, entitled “Look What’s Cooking at the NECC’s Culinary Institute” is being planned in July.  It will be the first gathering at the Heights with a group of more than four people. 




a)  Personnel Appointments                                                                          ADM-3673-050521

Agenda Item 9a1:  Recommendation for MCCC/MTA Personnel Actions as specified in Addendum B, to approve 132 Personnel actions, driven by Article XI of the MCCC/MTA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

On a Motion by Trustee O’Rorke, seconded by Trustee Cox, on a roll call vote, the board unanimously approved recommendation for MCCC/MTA Personnel Actions as specified in Addendum B, to approve 132 Personnel actions, driven by Article XI of the MCCC/MTA Collective Bargaining Agreement.


b)    Grants                                                                                                   ADM-3674-050521

Agenda Item 9b1: Massachusetts Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education: Summer   Acceleration to College Program

Recommended Motion:   To   accept a grant award of $35,000 from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the period through September 30, 2021.

On a Motion by Trustee O’Rorke, seconded by Trustee Linehan, by roll call vote, it was voted unanimously to approve Grant item #9b1 as noted below.



There was none.


With no other business, Chairwoman Borislow adjourned the meeting at 6:15 PM.