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Northern Essex Community College Board Of Trustees
Minutes of Meeting (Official) – October 3, 2018

A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held in the El Hefni Allied Health and Technology Center at the Lawrence Campus at 5:00PM.


Mr. Forman
Mr. Guilmette
Mr. Linehan
Ms. Morin
Ms. Paley Nadel
Ms. Worden

Also Present

President Glenn

Not Present

Ms. Borislow, Ms. Cerasuolo-O’Rorke, Mr. Cox, Mr. D’Orazio, Ms. Fernandez

Call to Order

Chairman Linehan called the meeting to order at 5:15 PM.

Approval of Minutes

On a Motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Forman, it was voted unanimously to approve the
September 5, 2018 minutes as presented.


There was none.

Unfinished Business

Chairman Linehan asked President Glenn to introduce newly appointed employees. President Glenn introduced Brienna Woodworth, Nursing Instructor, and Stephanie Haskell, Coordinator of Student Activities. The Board welcomed the new employees to NECC.

Educational Report

    a) Library Update (ADM-3510-100318)

 Dr. William Heineman, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs introduced Michael Hearn, Director of Libraries who provided an update on the NECC Libraries. Mr. Hearn noted that the last time he presented to the board, the discussion evolved around the library’s digital archives and resources, and how the library staff address literacy issues with students. Mr. Hearn noted that tonight’s report provides an update on the changing needs of students and how the libraries have developed outreach and engagement strategies to assist and retain students. Mr. Hearn report focused on three (3) documents that were distributed to Trustees:

              1) NECC Libraries 2017-18 Annual Report

Mr. Hearn noted that this report is done every year and highlights the Information Literacy Program which is a central focus of everything the library does. Information literacy is a significant piece of work which ties the work of the library to the needs of the students. Community Outreach and Engagement is another important aspect of the library’s work and highlights the college’s reach into the community in terms of sponsored events and available digital archives. Lastly, Collections Management and Strategic Planning & Budgeting are other key aspects of this report and each ensures that the library continues to align with college and student needs.

              2) NECC Library Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Through the Appreciative Inquiry approach, the library staff participated in a strategic planning process with a focus on how the library can continue to improve. The process resulted in four (4) priorities to approach improvement: 1) Outreach and Engagement, 2) Equitable Spaces and Services, 3) Information Literacy and 4) Curriculum Integration and Assessment. Over the summer months, 3-4 goals were developed under each priority to help plan over the course of the next few years. Over the next few months action plans will be finalized as a way of navigating toward the completion of the goals and priorities.

              3) NECC Lawrence Library Dimitry Renovation- Needs & Opportunities, August 2018

Mr. Hearn noted that there is a continued emphasis on ensuring that the Lawrence Campus services are fair and equitable to Haverhill. This will continue to be a focus of our Strategic Plan, and the Needs/Opportunities document provides a brief outline of how the college leadership envisions the future library on the Lawrence campus. College staff are currently working with architects to define the space needs for the students and faculty, and to determine what the Lawrence library area will look like in the future. The plans will also align closely with the college’s LIFT Capital Campaign.

Trustee Forman asked if students still seek out paper books or do they seem more comfortable with digital resources. Mr. Hearn noted that there are many students who still actively seek out books as they are more comfortable with print resources. Student Trustee Courtney Morin agreed and noted that she often prefers paper books to electronic resources.

With no other questions, the board thanked Mr. Hearn for his report.

Report of Board Committees

  1.  Audit and Finance Committee

    1. Fiscal Year 2019 Revised College Budget (AFC-19-01)

      Audit and Finance Committee Chairman Mark Forman noted that the Audit and Finance Committee had met to review the proposed revised budget. The proposed revision takes into consideration a decrease in estimated enrollment which was offset by additional state funding. Trustee Forman noted that essentially, not much had changed from the budget approved last June, and he noted that the committee recommends that the Board approve the revised FY19 budget of $42,469,497.00 as detailed in the Summary Report.

    On a Motion by Trustee Forman, seconded by Trustee Paley-Nadel, it was voted unanimously to approve the Fiscal Year 2019 Revised College Budget of $42,469,497.00 as detailed in the Summary Report.

Report of Administration

  1. LIFT Campaign (Verbal)

    President Glenn noted that he continues to meet with potential donors and local foundation boards in the community to solicit support for NECC’s LIFT campaign. The campaign continues to be in the quiet stage. At the recent NECC Foundation Board meeting, President Glenn provided an update on contributions and pending requests which total approximately $1.6 Million. President Glenn noted that the campaign will continue through June 2019, but that the college wants to get as much done in 2018 as possible. A public announcement about the campaign will be made in the late fall/early winter. President Glenn thanked the Trustees for their support and contributions toward the campaign.

  2. NECC 2020: Strategic Plan (Verbal)

    President Glenn noted that the Student Career Opportunities Goal was the focus for this month. The vision of this goal is to provide students with comprehensive career development services including access to internships, career exploration, experiential learning, and job placement. President Glenn noted that the Career Center had recently moved to the student Hub in the Behrakis Student Center. The Career Center has implemented TutorTrac which tracks student usage of the piloted drop-in career exploration labs. Faculty have been extremely helpful by assisting students in career exploration as part of their classroom by imbedding career modules into their classes. With this format, students can try out certain fields and hopefully improve their odds of getting a job. In addition, more industry-specific programming within the Academic Major Centers includes inviting employers into the Liberal Arts Center to do workshops of Liberal Arts career pathways.

  3. Haverhill Campus (Verbal)

    President Glenn noted that the Police Academy Director position search is underway in collaboration with an advisory board of police chiefs. The Police Academy Graduation ceremony on September 21st was very successful, and the next cycle of training is scheduled soon. Also, for the downtown Culinary Project, a construction fence has been put up around the lot as they prepare to break ground. And lastly, President Glenn noted that the Early College Designation is now in progress.

  4. Lawrence Campus (Verbal)

    President Glenn played a video from WCVB-Channel 5 related to the recent explosions in Lawrence when many homes were damaged and destroyed. Trustee Paley Nadel asked how the college was impacted during the crisis. President Glenn noted that the college’s Information Technology Staff were able to take down the college’s IT Systems quickly, so that it didn’t shut down on its own with a power outage. The college’s text alert system along with social media posts worked well in getting information out to faculty, staff, students and the community in the absence of email. President Glenn complimented the entire college emergency response team for jumping in to help the college and community during this difficult time. The college was also able to assist the Governor’s office by hosting press conferences, and assist the NTSB and MEMA by providing them with space for a base of operations as they worked through post-crisis issues.

    In addition, the Lawrence Partnership worked with the local banks and the Governor’s office to quickly develop a small business assistance fund so businesses could get some financial help in the reopening process. Trustee Paley Nadel noted that the crisis was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to see the Lawrence community come together. In addition, she noted that the position the Mayor took and the leadership he provided during the crisis were key to how this ended up

    President Glenn also mentioned that discussions around the Lawrence Regional Public Safety Center were back in session. Mayor Rivera recently called a meeting to reintroduce the information for consideration. President Glenn noted that he’ll keep the Trustees posted as necessary.

    And Lastly, President Glenn noted that the Community College and UMass leadership have held joint meetings over the last few years to spur collaboration on dual admissions and a reverse transfer process. The group also met recently and is making significant progress on both sectors.  As the work progresses, President Glenn will update the Trustees.

New Business

  1. Personnel Actions: New Appointments (ADM-3511-100318)

    President Glenn noted that there are two (2) fulltime personnel appointments as listed in Addendum

    On a motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Guilmette, it was voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve the two (2) new full-time personnel appointments as listed in Addendum A.

  2. Grants

    President Glenn noted that there were four (4) grants to be approved totally over $320K and he asked Trustees for their support in voting for all four grants collectively. The grants were as follows:

    1. Massachusetts Department of Higher Education/Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Early College  Designation    Implementation Grant (ADM-3512-100318)
    2. Commonwealth Corporation: Workforce Training Fund Small Business Direct Access Program (ADM-3513-100318)
    3. Commonwealth Corporation: Community Health Care Worker Training Program (ADM-3514-100318)
    4. Northeast Regional STEM Network Collaborative Project (ADM-3515-100318)

    On a motion by Trustee Linehan, seconded by Trustee Forman, it was voted unanimously to approve the four (4) grant motions which total to slightly more than $320,000.

Other Business

President Glenn encouraged the Board to attend the Oct 9th Welcome Reception for Lawrence Public School Superintendent Cynthia Paris from 5-7PM in the El Hefni Rooftop Deck.


With no other business, Chairman Linehan adjourned the meeting at 5:54 PM.

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