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The Commonwealth Honors Program

Commonwealth Honors Program


The Commonwealth Honors Program at Northern Essex Community College provides the opportunity for highly motivated and talented students to enroll in honors courses, complete research-based or creative Honors Projects, and participate in meaningful service learning activities. It emphasizes academic challenges, close working relationships between student and faculty mentors, intellectually stimulating courses, and participation in cultural and social events.


Commonwealth Honor scholars are guaranteed transfer to the Commonwealth Honors Program at any Massachusetts state college or university where you have been accepted. Participation in this program will also enhance applications to private four-year institutions. All honors courses and projects are noted on the student transcript.


  • Tarah MacGregor Honors Student Ambassador

    Tarah MacGregor, Honors Student Ambassador

  • Use of the Honors Student Lounge with computer/printer for studying.
  • Explore intriguing topics in Honors courses or work with your professors on individual honors projects to receive the Honors designation for those courses.
  • Present your research project by participating in the statewide Undergraduate Conference.
  • Enhance your transfer applications and scholarship opportunities.
  • Receive special recognition at graduation.


  • High school graduates must have a B+ average.
  • NECC students or transfer students must have a 3.3 GPA with college level credits.
  • Admission to Honors English Composition I is based on the Writing Assessment score.

Students who do not meet one of the above admissions criteria may complete an Honors course or project if they contact the Honors Coordinator and provide other evidence of academic success including recommendations from high school or college faculty.

Program Requirements

To graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar from Northern Essex Community College, students need a minimum of:


For admission to the Commonwealth Honors Program, contact Honors Coordinator Ginger Hurajt B208, 978-556-3454 or ghurajt@necc.mass.edu