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Learn How to Create a Home Recording Studio at NECC!

NECC’s Certificate in Music Technology will teach you how to design and implement a recording studio to create music in a home or office. Coursework also covers music theory, audio listening skills (to check sound quality), and the equipment required to produce high fidelity recordings.

Why Choose NECC?

If you are considering a career in music, the program provides the foundational knowledge to pursue a degree or to enter the field as an entry-level audio programmer or studio technician. With this program you will:

  • Understand how to acquire and set up the technology to capture high quality audio recordings
  • Gain hands-on experience with the latest technology used to record music
  • Learn key facets of music that will improve both your musicianship and your performance as a music producer
  • Be able to participate in NECC clubs and organizations that can benefit from your auditory and music production skills
  • Build the foundation for a life-long appreciation of music and how it is made

Because of NECC

You will be prepared to join the creative economy using your skills to help capture high-quality audio recordings, or to continue your music and technology education in a degree program. After completing the Music Technology Certificate you can:

  • Get a great entry-level full-time job or pursue freelance work helping emerging artists to improve their sound and sound quality
  • Pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in music technology or a related field
  • Work in a broad array of industries that require audio recording from radio stations to music clubs to recording studios


Courses, Requirements, and Program Notes



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Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment for the Music Technology Certificate
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