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Accuplacer Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Do I Have to Be Assessed?

Why do I have to be assessed?

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education mandates that all students entering state colleges must complete an assessment in order to assess students for placement into courses, if you are not waived from the assessment. Go to Academic Assessment – NECC ( to see our Multiple Measures that may exempt you from the full or partial ACCUPLACER College Placement Test (CPT).  Based on assessment, a student may be required to initially enroll in one or more Developmental or ESL courses in order to prepare for college level course work.

What Type of Test Method Is Used?

What type of test method is used?

Reading, math and writing assessments are administered with the state-mandated ACCUPLACER test, a web-based assessment system. Students who apply for enrollment in English Language courses will be assessed with the ACCUPLACER LOEP reading test and  ESL writing assessments.

How Long Will the ACCUPLACER Testing Take?

How long will the ACCUPLACER testing take?

The ACCUPLACER reading and math tests are un-timed and the writing test is a 50 minute timed test. Plan on approximately three hours. The ACCUPLACER ESL reading and writing tests are un-timed.

What Does It Cost to Be Assessed?

What does it cost to be assessed?

There is no fee.

What Should I Bring on the Date I Take My ACCUPLACER Testing?

What should I bring on the date I take my ACCUPLACER testing?

You must have a NECC ID number to take the ACCUPLACER test. If you have not applied to NECC, click here to Get started on the application process. Once you receive your NECC ID number, you can test.  You must bring photo identification and your NECC ID number. Calculators, dictionaries, and text books of any kind are not allowed to be used during testing. NO food or drinks are allowed in the testing lab.

Should I study for ACCUPLACER?

Should I study for ACCUPLACER?

It is beneficial to study. Access resources by on the ACCUPLACER Test Prep page.

When Do My ACCUPLACER Results Expire?

When do my ACCUPLACER results expire?

All developmental reading, math, writing and ESL course placements are valid for one year from the date of assessment. College level placements in reading, math and writing are valid for three years from the date of assessment.

What If I Have Already Taken the ACCUPLACER Assessment at NECC or Another College?

What if I have already taken the ACCUPLACER assessment at NECC or another college?

If your ACCUPLACER results have not expired, you should not need to retest. Send your ACCUPLACER Individual Score Report (ISR) to to ensure that your placements are up to date or to inquire about using your ACCUPLACER scores from another college for placement.

How Can I Have My ACCUPLACER Scores Faxed/Emailed to Another Institution?

How can I have my ACCUPLACER Scores faxed/emailed to another institution?

There is a $25.00 ACCUPLACER Fax/Email Fee for anyone who has taken the ACCUPLACER at NECC and is requesting that the Academic Placement & Testing Center process and release scores to another institution. To have your ACCUPLACER scores released to another institution complete the Request to have ACCUPLACER Scores Released form and pay the $25.00 fee online or mail it in . 

To have another institution fax your scores to NECC, please have the institution email your ACCUPLACER Individual Score Report (ISR) to

Do I Still Need to Test If I Have Taken College Courses Before?

Do I still need to test if I have taken college courses before?

Students with prior college credits or SAT scores may be eligible for a partial or full waiver of the Assessment. Waivers are granted based on review of transcripts, CLEP and Advanced Placement Transcripts. Contact Enrollment Services at or to inquire about the waiver process.

What If English Is Not My First Language?

What if English is not my first language?

If you have applied to the English as a Second Language Program, you will not take the general ACCUPLACER testing. Instead, you will be tested in ESL reading and writing. You will then be contacted to meet with an ESL Advisor for course placement.

What If I Have a Diagnosed Disability and Need Testing Accommodations?

What if I have a diagnosed disability and need testing accommodations?

Students with documented disabilities should contact the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services (CARS) to arrange for special accommodations well in advance of their assessment date.

Students with documented disabilities:
Call:(978) 556-3654
Individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing:
Call: 978-241-7045 (VP/Voice)

When Will My ACCUPLACER Results Be Available?

When will my ACCUPLACER results be available?

Some results are available immediately, while some results may be available within 7-10 days from the date of your assessment. The proctor will let you know when they are available and provide you with next steps, upon the completion of testing.

How Will I Get My ACCUPLACER Results?

How will I get my ACCUPLACER results?

You can get your results from an advisor when you register for classes. Note: Your ACCUPLACER placements will not be sent to you.

When Can I Register for Classes?

When can I register for classes?

Upon completion of your testing session you will be informed when your results are ready and next steps in the enrollment process. Information is available at

What If I Am a Returning Student/or I Am Not in a Major?

What if I am a returning student/or I am not in a major?

You may be waived from some or all of the tests depending on a review of your transcript. Send your transcript to and follow up with Enrollment Services to inquire about the waiver process.

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