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Photography is a key tool for showing our diverse and dynamic community. Photos used in NECC promotions should feel authentic, warm, inviting, and aspirational.

Whenever possible, be sure to use original photography. This type of imagery feels more genuine and serves to strengthen our brand. If you’re unable to capture your own photography, stock photos can be purchased to supplement NECC’s existing photo library.

A selection of photos taken by NECC, including a student on a laptop in the student center, two students sitting at a table across from each other eating, a photo of the Lawrence NECC campus, and a photo of two women wearing NECC gear while holding their cell phones

Photo Gallery

The way we create and utilize images is an important reinforcement of our values. Review the college’s house photographic style, and access a selection of pre-approved images and photos ready for use in your project.

NECC Photo Gallery
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NECC Library Archives

The Collections area below features photo collections from the earliest days of the college through the present. Photos are being added on a regular basis as we continue to process new material.

NECC Library Archives
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