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The Logo

The Northern Essex Community College logo is the most recognizable piece of our brand. All official materials that are circulated within the college community or externally to the public must bear this logo. Depending on the situation, different versions of the logo could be used. The logo consists of two main components: the shield and the wordmark. These two components should never be used separately.

NOTE: Some variations of the NECC logo—including information on sub-brands, Athletics, campaign graphics, and other variations—are available to Faculty & Staff on NECC One. A Faculty or Staff NECC account is required to access these logos.

Primary Logo

This is the college’s primary logo identifier. It must be used on all external or public facing materials.

The stacked version of the NECC logo

Stacked Logo

This secondary logo identifier should be used sparingly, and only in places where a small space is available.

Editorial Style Guidelines

NECC Marketing Communications uses the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook with some exceptions, noted at the link below. The latest edition of the AP Stylebook can be ordered through the college bookstore.

NECC Color Palette

Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive NECC image or visual story.



HEX: 012169
RGB: 1/33/105
CMYK: 100/85/0/39
PMS: 280 C



HEX: 005EB8
RGB: 0/94/184
CMYK: 100/56/0/3
PMS: 300 C



RGB: 238/177/17
CMYK: 0/29/100/1
PMS: 124 C

Secondary Colors


HEX: 31D3D3
RGB: 49/211/211
CMYK: 60/0/16/0
319 C


HEX: 00B5E2
RGB: 0/181/226
CMYK: 76/0/0/0
PMS: 306 C


RGB: 187/222/240
CMYK: 25/1/0/0
PMS: 290 C


HEX: 000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 30/15/15/100


HEX: 95E06C
RGB: 149/224/108
CMYK: 44/0/74/0
PMS: 7487 C


HEX: C54644
RGB: 197/70/68
CMYK: 1/83/65/9
PMS: 2033 C


RGB: 111/255/233
CMYK: 3040/0/19/0
PMS: 3245 C


RGB: 251/222/64
CMYK: 3/8/86/0
PMS: 114 C

A screenshot of NECC branding fonts, including the various forms of Myriad Pro

Typography for Marketing Communications

Typography is an essential part of an organized, consistent brand identity. Utilizing our college typefaces will support our brand recognition. The primary typeface family to be used on all NECC marketing communications is Myriad Pro. This typeface was chosen for its readability, accessibility, and its wide range of available weights and widths. Myriad Pro can be used can be used on its own, or together, with our serif Typeface. These fonts are included in Adobe Creative Cloud, and can not be separately distributed.

Typography examples demonstrating the fonts Candara, a sans-serif font, and Cambria, a serif font.

Typography for Office Communications

For everyday use, we encourage everyone at NECC to use the fonts Candara (sans-serif) and Cambria (serif) in your Office 365 documents (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint). These fonts are included in Microsoft 365, and can not be separately distributed.

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