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Become a Student at NECC

  1. Contact Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to schedule an appointment to review your communication and educational needs (interpreting, assistive listening device, note taking, etc.)  Email:
    Phone: 978-241-7045 (VP/V)
  2. Complete the NECC Admissions Application.
  3. Sign up for Assessment Testing.

Service Request Process:

  1. Contact Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to file an Application for Services (PDF).
  2. Students will also be required to sign a Student Services Agreement form which includes information on service provider expectations, attendance and scheduling.
    • Depending on the number of accommodations approved (i. e. interpreting, note taking, assistive listening device), students may be required to sign additional agreements for each service provided.
    • Agreement forms must be signed every semester.
    • Submit a copy (not original) of recent Audiology Report/Audiogram to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.
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