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An Appreciative Inquiry meeting with many people seated at round tables, happy faces and several with hands raised.

Appreciative Inquiry at Northern Essex Community College.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) provides a foundation for much of our work at NECC and with a team of staff and faculty trained in AI, we are committed to providing resources, training and workshops to the college community.

What Is Appreciative Inquiry?

  • Appreciative Inquiry is an innovative approach to organizational learning. AI is an organization development model for facilitating positive change in human systems, organizations, groups and communities.
  • The assumption underlying AI is simple; every human system (person/community) has a core of strengths that is often hidden and/or underutilized—what is known as its positive core.
  • AI searches for and finds the positive core
  • When the positive core is revealed and tapped into, it provides a sustainable source of positive energy that nourishes personal and organization change.

How Is AI Used at NECC?

You may be interested in using AI to facilitate change for a particular group, develop a team, a department or committee, or you may just want to learn more about how AI principles might work.

Here are some examples of where and how AI may be utilized:

  • Professional Development
  • In the Classroom
  • Workshops
  • Advisory Boards
  • Alumni Groups
  • Academic Master Plan
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Project Startups

AI Trained Facilitators at NECC

  • Melba Acevedo
  • Noemi Custodia-Lora
  • Jayne Ducharme
  • Tina Favara
  • Sharon McManus
  • Theresa Mullin
  • Dawna Perez
  • Kathy Ronaldson
  • Stephen Russell
  • Marcy Yeager
  • Lane Glenn, President

More Information

For more information about Appreciative Inquiry or to request a workshop for your work area, please contact Sharon McManus, Center for Professional Development, at or at 978-738-7803.

To learn more about the Institutional Planning and Research of AI, please visit the Appreciative Inquiry Commons and/or New Paradigm Consulting.

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