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When NECC welcomes a new full-time benefited employee, HR will schedule an appointment with you to discuss your benefits in detail. Below is an overview of the benefits we provide.


All employees are paid on a biweekly basis (every other Friday). All employees are required to use direct deposit. We allow up to 10 accounts (checking, savings, etc.) for your net pay direct deposit(s).

Health Insurance

Various health plans are offered through the state Group Insurance Commission (GIC) and coverage begins on the first of the month following 60 days of employment. For medical insurance the employee pays 25 percent of the cost of insurance premium. Included in the cost of the various plans is a $5,000 basic life insurance benefit.

Optional Life Insurance

Optional life insurance is also offered with a maximum of eight times an employee’s salary. The premium cost is dependent on an employee’s age and salary.

Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability Insurance helps replace a portion of your income while disabled from working due to sickness or injury for an extended period of time (90 days or more). This is offered to all eligible employees. The premium cost depends on the employee’s age and salary.

Dental Insurance and Vision Discount Program

Faculty and Unit Professionals (MCCC/MTA) receive MetLife (PDP) Dental Plan after a waiting period of 180 days. Non-Unit Administrators and Classified Employees are eligible for MetLife (PDP) Dental Plan on the first of the month following 60 days employment.

MetLife VisionAccess is a discount program (and not an insurance product) that helps you save money on such things as eye exams, lenses, and frames when received through a participating provider.

Unit Classified Employees (AFSCME) receive dental and vision benefits through the Massachusetts Public Employee (MPE) Fund on the first of the month following six full months of employment.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

There are two types of FSA plans available to eligible GIC members; a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), which is used to pay for medical expenses for you and your eligible dependents; and a Dependent care Assistance Program (DCAP), which can be used to pay for childcare or assistance with disabled adult dependents.

Both of these plans lower your income tax liability by the amount of your pre-tax payroll deductions.

Fitness Center

NECC employees and eligible family members are welcome to use the Wellness and Fitness Center free of charge. Please refer to the website for hours of operation.

Privacy Rooms

NECC is pleased to provide comfortable and private space for employees who may require it (such as nursing mothers or those with prayer/meditation needs). Please contact Human Resources for availability and access.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service that offers a wide range of resources, including counseling and referral services, to help manage your life. It’s available to all NECC employees and their family members eligible for GIC benefits.


NECC observes the 12 Commonwealth of Massachusetts holidays during the calendar year. We value the opportunity to celebrate as a community and hope that folks take the time to enjoy their family and friends.

Personal Time Off (PTO)

Employees who are eligible for benefits accrue PTO each pay period. Additional information on vacation, sick, and personal time is available from HR.

Professional Development

Our Center for Professional Development (CPD) provides many opportunities for training through a wide variety of topics, programs, and events. CPD administers CliftonStrengths assessments for all new employees as well as DiSC profiles for campus leadership. The NECC Leadership Academy is an annual year-long program in which employees may wish to participate, including shared readings, discussions, presentations of leadership models, guest speakers, and the completion of a project. In addition, CPD hosts an annual Professional Day for faculty and staff and provides employees with access to LinkedIn Learning. Further opportunities for professional development can be discussed with one’s supervisor.


NECC participates in the Massachusetts State Employees’ Retirement System (MSERS). The contribution rate for new hires after January 1, 1996 or any former employee rehired after January 1, 1996 who had withdrawn funds, is 9% with an additional 2% on annual rates of regular compensation in excess of $30,000.

Non-Unit Professionals and MCCC/MTA employees may opt for the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) instead of the Massachusetts State Employee Retirement System providing it is done within six months of their eligible State employment. Once decided, this election is irrevocable.
State employees do not contribute to Social Security.

Employees who left state service, withdrew their retirement funds, and later returned to state service have one year from re-entry to buy back their retirement with 3.5% interest. After one year, the rate is 7%.

Supplemental Retirement Plans

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts deferred compensation plan allows employees to defer current earnings and invest them on a federal and state tax-deferred basis through payroll deduction. More information is available on the Commonwealth website.


Tuition Remission

NECC offers all eligible employees and their dependents tuition remission options for classes taken at NECC. In addition, following six months of service, tuition remission is available to certain employee groups at all MA community colleges, state universities, and the UMass System (with the exception of the UMass Chan Medical School) under the State of Massachusetts System-wide Tuition Remission Policy for Higher Education Employees.

NECC Bookstore

The NECC Bookstore offers employee discounts on clothing, gifts, and certain other items (with employee ID).

Cell Phones

Employees can take advantage of exciting and exclusive offers from T-Mobile/Sprint and Verizon.

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