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Take Advantage of Free Classes to Build Your Skills

Need to strengthen your English speaking or writing skills? Want to improve your understanding of mathematics or basic computer skills so you can pursue further education, training or higher paying jobs?  Ready to earn a high school equivalency certificate – and maybe even go on to college? NECC can help you do it all!

Programs Offered

Our programs will help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence that will help you in your education, your career, and in your role as family member, parent, and community member.

High School Equivalency Program (GED and HiSET)

The High School Equivalency Test (for GED and HiSET) prep program provides basic skill instruction in English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math to prepare you to obtain your high school credentials and to succeed in your next steps. MORE about HISet High School Equivalency

Transition to College

The Transition to College program prepares you to transition into and complete college education or training through academic instruction, advising, a three-credit college success course, and two three-credit computer courses. MORE about Transition to College

ESOL Program

The ESOL Program offers classroom instruction in reading, writing, oral communication and grammar incorporating basic computer skills, Math and Career Ready 101 skills. MORE about ESOL

Accounting and QuickBooks Certificate Program

The Accounting and QuickBooks Certificate Program offers students opportunities to develop English language skills for accounting careers. MORE about ESOL Career Programs

Program Funding

These program are funded by grants from Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

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