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 A meeting of the Northern Essex Community College Board of Trustees was held via a Zoom Teleconference at 5:00PM.


Ms. Borislow

Mr. Cox

Mr. Dodier

Ms. Fernandez

Mr. Guilmette

Mr. Linehan

Ms. O’Rorke

Ms. Quiles

Ms. Paley Nadel

Ms. Sanchez

Not Present: Ms. Worden

Also Present:  President Glenn   


Chairwoman Borislow called the meeting to order at 5:02 PM.   



Chairwoman Borislow asked for a motion to approve last month’s minutes. 

On a Motion presented by Trustee Linehan and seconded by Trustee Paley Nadel, by roll call vote, the Board unanimously approved the May 5, 2021 minutes as presented.



President Glenn noted that an alumnus, Kendall Page of Holland, Michigan, recently sent a letter expressing his thrill at receiving a copy of the ALUMNECC Magazine.  Mr. Page also expressed his appreciation of his education at NECC while he was a student during the presidency of Harold Bentley. Mr. Page was the first president of the NECC Student Council and is very much looking forward to NECC’s 60th anniversary, and 50th celebration at the Haverhill Campus.

a)    Introduction of Newly Hired Employees (Verbal)

President Glenn welcomed Maurice Osteen in his role as campus police officer.  Mr. Osteen has a wealth of experience having served in a similar capacity at the Mass. College of Pharmacy and in the Boston Public Schools.

Also welcomed was Andrew Stark, NECC’s new Financial Aid Counselor.  Mr. Stark comes to NECC from Idaho and has much experience in the financial area.  The board welcomed the new employees. 

President Glenn also wanted to note that this was the last official meeting for Dr. William Heineman, VP of Academic Affairs, before he joins North Shore Community College as President in July.  President Glenn invited Trustees to a farewell event next Tuesday.  Another farewell retirement event will be forthcoming to honor Wendy Shaffer, Dean of Development, who has helped NECC acquire over $100 Million in grant funding during her many years of service at the college.

And lastly, President Glenn thanked Student Trustee Tim Dodier for his service this past year and wished him the very best in his future endeavors.



a)    NECC Library Services During and After COVID-19 (ADM-3675-060221)

Mike Hearn, Assistant Dean of Library Services, reported that the library has adapted well to meet the information needs of the campus during the pandemic. In 2018, as part of the strategic plan, the library was reviewing its ability to support online education.  That work positioned the library well for some of the challenges of the pandemic.  For example, we expanded our research guides and research appointments, subscribed to additional online tools, and added many book collections.   All of these changes were in place just before the pandemic hit.  There were still, however, significant impacts from COVID which resulted in the release of five part time library staff.  In addition, due to budget constraints, magazine journals and newspaper subscriptions were halted, new book purchasing was stopped, and support from evening research assistants was reduced.

Library services had to pivot in order to meet students’ needs, and appointments for library and computer access provided opportunities for students to come to the library.  Virtual instruction and research consultations were made available, and social media posts (such as Facebook and Instagram) were enhanced in order to reach students.

In the fall, the new normal will provide complete library services once again.  Subscriptions will be restarted, and library appointments will be integrated with the Navigate student system. The library strategic plan, in combination with the college’s strategic plan, will seek service and facility equity in Haverhill and Lawrence, with efforts to promote upgrades at the Lawrence library.

When Trustee Paley-Nadel asked about increasing our resources by collaborating with the Lawrence Library, Mr. Hearn noted that no immediate plans have been formalized for systemic reasons.  Lawrence is part of the Merrimack Valley Consortium but it can sometimes be difficult to share materials, but opportunities for programming may develop this fall.

With no other questions, President Glenn thanked Mr. Hearn for his report.



Chair Borislow reminded the Trustees of the Mass. Dept. of Higher Education Trustee Training course requirements.  The one class on Governance will hopefully be available on-demand very soon.  Many Trustees are waiting for that one class to be finished with the full set of trainings by the November 1, 2021 deadline date.

Chair Borislow also complimented the subcommittee leaders on their wonderful efforts and continued dialogue with their fellow committee members.

Lastly, Chairwoman Borislow noted that she experienced an incredibly moving NECC graduation ceremony on May 15. Much appreciation was given to President Glenn, Cheryl Goodwin, and the Commencement Committee for the events surrounding the day-long event.  It was a wonderful day for the students and their families.



a)    Audit and Finance Sub-Committee

1)    Cares Act Funding (AFC-21-06)

Trustee Cox, Chair of the Audit & Finance Sub-Committee reported that to date, the college has expended/committed funds totaling $5,867,150 which was included in the Board’s original approved budget and prior to receiving American Rescue Plan funds.

In addition, he noted that projected spending could increase throughout FY22 and FY23, and the college plans to submit a one-year grant extension so that we can utilize any available funds from the American Rescue Plan grants of $12.4 million during both FY23 and FY22.  The extension would allow the college to spread the planned spending over the 2 years to better support our expenditures and to continue supporting programs that increase our enrollment strategies and student experiences.

The plan going forward is to continue to use the funds appropriately and strategically. These funds have and will continue to assist the college in improving college enrollments, infrastructure, student experiences & support, and financial position. To ensure we realize/use all grant funds received, if need be, we can use/apply the funds to accommodate for lost tuition & other revenues and calculate an indirect reimbursement of 10%.

Chief Operating Officer Mike McCarthy thanked the many teams on campus for the increase in communication and outreach to students as we strive for a 1% increase in enrollment for fall 2021.  To help with these communications, the NECC website is now interfaced 24/7 with both English and Spanish communications. 

President Glenn noted that the college is also providing strategic outreach to students who sat out during the pandemic and staff are also conducting specifically-targeted outreach to areas with new online degree programs.  While monitoring enrollment daily, and with multiple strategies at play, the college is investing money for non-credit, continuing education, and work credit programs including some recent preliminary work with an onsite Raytheon engineering training program in the future.  In addition, the RFP for the MassHire contract is also being prepared.  President Glenn expressed his thanks to Trustee Linehan for his support of this important initiative.

b)    Alumni Advancement Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chair Fernandez reported that she and Allison Dolan-Wilson are planning to regroup and confirm a new date in the fall for the breakfast event that was postponed.  The Sub-Committee plans to meet one more time prior to summer and is looking forward to reconnecting in the fall.

c)    Equity Imperative Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chair Paley-Nadel noted that she and Noemi Custodia Lora have confirmed that funding has been allocated for the position of Director of the Center for Equity and Social Justice.  One of the sub-committee members will participate in the interview process in order to continue the Board’s strong relationship with the Center.  There are major interests for the center to work as a convener and to provide an opportunity to look to see where there are cracks in system.  Ms. Paley Nadel noted that the Sub-Committee would like to provide quarterly reports going forward in collaboration with the Center, so the Sub Committee can advocate across the campus with Center staff. 

d)    Nominating Sub-Committee

Sub-Committee Chair Quiles reported that there are no updates at the present time, but will correspond with President Glenn regarding any future communication from the Governor on Board vacancies.

e)    Presidential Evaluation Committee

Sub-Committee Chair Cox noted that the first meeting was held on May 20th, and as part of the process, three interviews are scheduled for June 3 and a fourth interview on June 4th.  This year the focus will be on two of the primary goals that Commissioner Santiago presented in his letter to the Board – The Equity Imperative and the college’s response to the pandemic.  With the assistance of Cheryl Goodwin and Wendy Shaffer, the Sub-Committee hopes to present an evaluation to the full board prior to its September meeting.



President Glenn congratulated NECC Alum Helen Ubinas on the exceptional honor of being chosen as one of three national community college graduates by the AACC for their remarkable achievements.  He noted that to be selected from seven million community college students across the country, as well as many millions of alumnae, is quite an honor.

Prior to his scheduled report, President Glenn also noted that he wanted to provide an update on NECC’s Strategic Plan, and specifically, the continued activity around the Integrated Student Experience (ISE).  The ISE, he noted, is trying to provide similar and equal experiences for all students across campus.  When students return to the Lawrence Campus this fall, they will find a new Student Success Hub in the lobby of the El Hefni building.  The offices that previously occupied that space will be moved to the Dimitry building.  These new Academic Centers and Success Hubs are part of the ISE plan.  In closing, President Glenn recognized VP Bill Heineman for his work and leadership around the ISE development.  Dr. Heineman was recently awarded the ALICE Award for his leadership in fulfilling these centers.  Dr. Heineman is crafting a white paper on the development of the ISE before he leaves. 

a)    FY22 State Budget (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that the Senate released its budget as expected, and it has supported the large items such as the Success Fund and the Stem Starter Academy. Dr. Glenn reported that, overall, this FY22 State budget is the strongest he’d ever seen, and hopeful will be supplemented for NECC by increased enrollment as a result of the Cares Act Funding.

b)    SUCCESS Fund (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that he continues to Chair the statewide group for the SUCCESS Fund.  The goal is engaging with each college to move the needle on enrollment and retention with that funding. Our VP of Student Affairs Jennifer Mezquita and Dean of Students Jonathan Miller are the NECC Campus leads for this initiative and our work is being modeled after our PACE program which routinely receives increased retention.

c)    Police Academy (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that we are working with the municipal police training academy will align with the NECC to form the new Merrimack Valley Training Academy which will fall under the direction of NECC’s Josh Stokel.  The new academy will be an ABLE training facility to ensure that our law enforcement officers are being appropriately trained.  Dr. Glenn noted that he is grateful to the Lawrence PD for jumping into this development with NECC. 

d)    Vice President of Academic Affairs Search (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that the nationwide search for NECC’s next VP of Academic Affairs is right on schedule.  He noted that he has engaged with a search consultant who will be working with us to develop a good pool of candidates.   The Search Committee meets on Friday to get organized and prepare a timeline.  Final interviews of finalists will occur in July.  Dr. Glenn thanked those who are serving on the Committee.

e)    NECC Haverhill Campus 50th Anniversary & “Homecoming” (Verbal)

Dr. Glenn talked briefly about the upcoming 50th (Haverhill) and 60th (College) anniversary celebration plans.  VP of Institutional Advancement Allison Dolan Wilson is putting together some ideas and ways to celebrate these two college milestones when faculty and staff return to campus this fall.  More information will be forthcoming. 

f)    William and Rosemary Klueber Planned Giving Society (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that Allison Dolan Wilson helped the college create this giving society which will help ensure the long-term health of the college.  More information on the fund/society will be forthcoming, and he thanked Allison on the development of this opportunity.

g)    Haverhill Campus (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that Senator Elizabeth Warren visited NECC’s Lawrence Campus yesterday.  Senator Warren has been very supportive of college students in general, but community college students and student debt in particular.  The Senator visited the NECC Food Pantry and met with students to talk about these and other issues community colleges face. 

h)    Lawrence Campus (Verbal)

President Glenn noted that he and Trustee Paley Nadel have been heavily involved in the search process for the new Executive Director of the Lawrence Partnership.  The search committee is currently interviewing finalists and will have news to publish in very near future. 

i)    Board Meeting Dates for Academic Year 2021-2022 (ADM-3676-060221)

President Glenn noted that the list provides the Board meeting dates for the next academic year. 



a)    Program Approvals:

President Glenn noted the following agenda items regarding program approvals within the College’s Culinary Arts programming.  Trustee Paley-Nadel noted that these programs would engage well with the community if offered in a bilingual format.  Chef Denis Boucher, Manager of the Culinary Programs agreed and offered to research if other colleges are providing these programs with bilingual capability.

9a1:  Motion to Approve New Culinary Arts AAS Program (ADM-3677-060221)

On a Motion by Trustee O’Rorke, seconded by Trustee Cox, on a roll call vote, the board unanimously approved the new Culinary Arts AAS program.

9a2:  Motion to Approved the Revision of the Existing Culinary Arts

Certificate Program (ADM-3678-060221)

On a Motion by Trustee O’Rorke, seconded by Trustee Cox, on a roll call vote, the board unanimously approved the revision of the existing Culinary Arts Certificate program.

9a3:  Motion to Approve a new Baking & Pastry Certificate Program (ADM-3679-060221)

On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee O’Rorke, on a roll call vote, the board unanimously approved a new Baking & Pastry Certificate program.

b)    Personnel Actions:

9b1:  Department Chair/Program Coordinator Appointments (ADM-3680-060221)

President Glenn noted that there are twenty-nine (29) Department Chairpersons/Program Coordinator appointments slated for approval.  This appointment process for Department Chairpersons and Program Coordinators is driven by Article XX of the MCCC/MTA Collective Bargaining Agreement

On a Motion by Trustee Guilmette, seconded by Trustee Linehan, by roll call vote, it was voted unanimously to approve the appointments of twenty-nine (29) Department Chairpersons/Program Coordinators as listed in Addendum B.

c)    Grants: 

President Glenn noted that the nine (9) grants, totaling $5,703,208, listed below are slated for approval, along with a Pending Proposal for external funding which would approve the implementation of grant-funded proposals awarded to the college over the summer months and scheduled to commence prior to the September Board meeting:

9c1: City of Lawrence/Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board (MVWIB): MassHire Merrimack Valley Career Center

(ADM-3681-060221) – $2,500,000

9c2: Essex County Sheriff’s Department (ECSD) Education Services

(ADM-3682-060221) – $1,304,574

9c3: Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care/North Shore Community College: Career Pathways
(ADM-3683-060221) – $484,484

9c4: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Adult Basic Education Grant Projects

(ADM-3684-060221) – $497,691

9c5: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: High School Equivalency Test Center Grant

(ADM-3685-060221) – $6,882

9c6: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: Perkins Postsecondary Allocation

(ADM-3686-060221) – $253,938

9c7: Massachusetts Department of Higher Education: Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MA ICEI) Program for Students with Disabilities

(ADM-3687-060221) – $115,000

9c8: Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Family Sign Language Instruction
(ADM-3688-060221) – $105,000

9c9: United States Department of Education: Student Support Services Program
(ADM-3689-060221) –

9c10:  Pending Proposals for External Funding


On a Motion by Trustee O’Rorke, seconded by Trustee Linehan, by roll call vote, it was voted unanimously to approve Grant Items and Pending Proposals for External Funding, Agenda Items #9c1 – #9c10.



Chairwoman Borislow reminded the trustees of the July 14th Culinary Knight in the Kitchen event with host Chef Denis Boucher.  This will be the first gathering of the Trustees at the new Culinary Institute at the Heights at Haverhill building.  Chairwoman Borislow thanked in advance the members who meet over the summer and during the next few weeks, continuing the work of the college.  Many thanks also to Wendy Shaffer for her years of service and to Student Trustee Tim Dodier for his much-appreciated service this past year. 



With no other business, Chairwoman Borislow adjourned the meeting at 6:09 PM.