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PART-TIME PATHWAYS (3 to 5 years) are available for most degrees. To qualify to take college-level classes, some students may be required to take college preparation classes first.

Program Snapshot

  • Choose from one of the following concentrations: Chemistry, Physics, or Environmental Science
  • Prepares you for transfer to a 4-year school
  • Mixture of classroom and lab-based learning
  • Strong foundation for pre-med and pre-vet
  • Day and evening courses available
  • Flexible online hybrid format for many core courses
  • Courses available on Haverhill campus and some on the Lawrence campus

Helpful Hints

  • You may need additional math, reading, or writing courses before starting the core courses in this program. Take your assessment tests ASAP to see where you land
  • Science degrees are intense; expect to take a math course, a chemistry course, and either a biology or a physics course every semester in addition to your general education courses
  • Finishing this degree in 2-3 years generally requires taking 15-18 credits per semester, and may require summer or intersession courses
  • Depending on your chosen concentration, your electives may need to fulfill the Core Academic Skills. Talk to an advisor early!

Milestone Courses

Milestone courses are the most important for success in the program, should be taken in the sequence shown, and may require certain grades or other outcomes for your continued progress toward graduation. They may also cover most, or all the six core skills required for graduation.


You are encouraged to use this pathway checklist with an advisor as a worksheet when planning your progress toward a degree or certificate. This checklist is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements.

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