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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advising

Can I visit Academic Advising on either campus?
Q: When do I need to declare my major and matriculate into a program?
Q: How do I change my major?
Q: Where can I get help and/or tutoring for my classes?
Q: What will happen if I drop a class?
Q: What happens if I am unable to attend class due to emergency or illness?
Q: What classes would fulfill an elective?
Q: Can I take courses out of sequence?
Q: Can I repeat a course?
Q: What is Online Learning?
Q: Can I take courses at any other college and use them towards my degree at NECC?
Q: Can I get credit for my work experience?
Q: How do I get assigned an advisor?
Q: Do I have to contact my Advisor if one is assigned to me?
Q: What is academic probation/suspension?
Q: I think I am ready to graduate, what do I need to do?

Unclassified, Evening & Saturday Students

Q: Are You Formally Enrolled in an Academic Program?
Q: What Is Matriculation?
Q: When Should I Matriculate?
Q: What Do I Have to Do to Matriculate?
Q: What If I Am Not Sure About Which Degree Program I Want?
Q: Why Bother? Isn't Just Signing up for Evening or Saturday Classes Enough?
Q: What Are the Benefits of Matriculation?
Q: Have You Changed Your Mind About Your Program of Study Since First Applying to the College?
Q: Have You Taken Your Assessment Tests?
Q: Why Do I Need to Take Assessment Tests?
Q: Where Do I Find the Assessment Center?
Q: Have You Ever Met With an Advisor?
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