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Payment Options at NECC

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All tuition and fee payments are made to the Student Accounts Office. Payment options for Online, Mail, or payment plan are listed below. 

Updated Hours and Contact Information

Financial Aid and Student Accounts will be available to remotely assist our students with FAFSA completion and to answer all of our students’ financial questions via email, phone, virtual Zoom meetings and online chat. 

Financial Aid and Student Accounts Staff Availability

We are virtually available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Mail Your Documents To

Northern Essex Community College
Student Financial Services
100 Elliott Street
Haverhill MA, 01830

Note: Documents are no longer be accepted via email.


Payments can be made electronically using “Pay your Bill” through the myNECC portal.  For more information visit

Student Account Statements

Students will be sent one paper bill — all subsequent bills will be posted in the myNECC portal and students will be notified through their NECC email account.

To view your student account information online, log into myNECC, scroll down and click on the “Pay My Bill Online” icon.

  • To view your statements, click on “My Account” and select “Statements”
  • You can view realtime account information by click on “My Account” and select “Account Activity”
  • Under My Profile Set up click on Authorized Users

Payment Information for Summer 2020 Semester

Payment for the Summer 2020 Semester is due May 8, 2020.

Beginning May 9, 2020 and forward payment will be due upon registration. Methods of payment are self-pay or apply for financial aid.

Payment Information for Fall 2020 Semester

Payment for the Fall 2020 Semester is due August 17, 2020.

Beginning August 18, 2020 and forward payment will be due upon registration. Methods of payment are self-pay, enroll in the NECC four installment payment plan, or apply for financial aid.

*The $100 Late Registration Penalty has been waived for the 2020 fall semester only.

Payment Options Available

Online Payments

Online Payments

Pay online at your convenience, by Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH).

  • Log on to myNECC using your student ID and Password
  • Click on the My Information tab.
  • View MyAccount, Make a Payment, Payment Plans, and Refunds (be sure that the pop up block on the web browser is off.)
  • Follow the instructions to ‘Make a Payment’ with a Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account.

Important: Our credit card processor PayPath/Heartland charges a 2.85 percent service fee for processing each credit or debit card payment. There is a minimum charge amount of $3.00. During the payment process, the fee will be added to your payment amount, but it will be disclosed separately from your tuition and fee payment on your credit card statement. The fee is retained by PayPath/Heartland and NECC does not receive any portion of this fee. 

Electronic Check (ACH) payment is a free online payment alternative. We strongly recommend you to pay online using this option in order to avoid the processing fee.

Mail your Check or Money Order

Mail your Check or Money Order

Mail your Check or Money Order To:

Northern Essex Community College
Behrakis Student Center,
100 Elliott Street
Haverhill, MA 01830

Note: Make checks payable to NECC and write the student ID# on the check.

NECC Payment Plan

NECC Payment Plan

The Payment Plan offers you the opportunity to spread your tuition payments, interest-free into monthly payments. The payment plan is offered for credit based courses only, during the Fall and Spring semesters. A down payment plus a $35.00 non-refundable enrollment fee are due at the time of setting up your Installment Plan.

Payment Plan Schedule

Payment Plan Schedule
Term Monthly Installment Plans Enrollment Start Date: Deadline to Enroll: Down Payment: First Installment Due By:
Fall 5: June – October 5/20/2020 6/20/2020 20% Due upon enrollment 6/15/2020
Fall 4a: July – October 6/21/2020 7/20/2020 25% Due upon enrollment 7/15/2020
Fall 4b: August – November 7/21/2020 9/15/2020 25% Due upon enrollment 8/15/2020

To start the payment plan process you must log in to the myNECC Portal, complete the online payment plan form, and pay the enrollment fee plus the down payment.

View instructions to sign up for the payment plan.


  • Payment plans are not available for the summer sessions due to their short duration.
  • A $15 late fee will be assessed for each late payment.
  • A previous balance cannot be included in the payment plan.
  • Automatic payments are not allowed.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial aid can help you pay for the costs of attending NECC including tuition and fees, books, and other costs (housing, transportation, and personal costs). Most NECC students receive some sort of financial aid, so we encourage you to apply today!

Applying for financial aid and submitting all paperwork early ensures that Financial Aid can evaluate your eligibility prior to your tuition bill due date. If you applied for financial aid, log in to myNECC portal to check the status of your Financial Aid application and to view your awarded aid. For more information about Financial Aid please visit Financial Aid FAQ page, or email your questions to

Third Party Billing: Scholarship, Tuition Waiver, Private Funding

Third Party Billing: Scholarship, Tuition Waiver, Private Funding

Students who are recipients of any scholarship, tuition waiver, or private company funding need to submit the require documentation to the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office by to the due date on their initial bill. Northern Essex Community College does not participate in tuition reimbursement programs where the student is reimbursed directly by their employer. Students with this type of reimbursement program either pay their balance in full or enroll in the NECC Payment Plan.


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