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Frequently Asked Questions About Aid and Loans

How Does the Financial Aid Team Communicate Information to Students?
How Can Financial Aid Assist Me?
How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?
How Often Do I Have to Apply for Financial Aid?
What Types of Financial Aid Are Available?
How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?
How Many Credits Do I Have to Take to Receive Financial Aid?
What Documents Will I Need?
What Is Verification? How Do I Know If I Am Selected?
How Is Financial Need Determined?
Am I Still Eligible for Financial Aid If I Am on Academic Suspension?
What If My Circumstances Have Changed?
How Do I Know If I Am a Dependent or Independent Student?
I Believe That I Should Be Considered Independent for the Purposes of Federal Financial Aid, Can I Petition for a Dependency Override?
Is Financial Aid Available to Students Who Choose to Study Abroad?
Am I Eligible for a Book Voucher?
How Will It Affect My Financial Aid If I Drop a Class?
How Will It Affect My Financial Aid If I Drop All My Classes for This Semester?
Will I Receive Financial Aid If I Repeat a Course?
Will Financial Aid Pay for My Health Insurance?
Why Did I Receive a Bill When I Have Financial Aid?
I Received a Letter From the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance Saying I Am Not Eligible Because of a Late Application. Does This Mean I Am Not Eligible for Financial Aid?
How Do I Borrow a Loan?
I Am a DACA Student, Am I Eligible for Any Financial Aid?
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