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NECC Student Clubs and Organizations Resources, Forms, and Helpful Information

Student clubs and organizations play a vital role in the quality of student life at NECC. Students are encouraged to interact with others and open their minds to new ideas and adventures by getting involved in co-curricular activities. The number of student clubs and organizations changes each year at NECC. They represent a wide variety of interests and opportunities for students of all ages, backgrounds and time constraints. 

Recognition of a student club by the College or the SGA shall not imply approval or endorsement of the club or its activities.  All student clubs and their members are subject to the College’s policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct and the Policy on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity. 


How Is My Student Group Affected During the Pandemic? 

All entities of the Office of Student Life will be virtual for the spring 2020 semester including events, activities, and student group meetings, events, and fundraisers. 


How Do I Access The Current Club And Organization Handbook? 

Access the 2020- 2021 Student Groups Handbook. 


What is ACE And When Are ACE Meetings?

The Office of Student Life has implemented All Club Engagement better known as ACE.  ACE meetings will be held once a month on Zoom this fall and can be viewed as a monthly student group training session. At least 1 member from each student club, organization, and interest group must be present at the meeting to gather the information and share it with others in your student group.  Attendance will be taken.  All of the information shared at ACE meetings is designed to help your student group thrive this semester in this remote learning environment. Updates and club requirements will be discussed at ACE meetings. If you miss a meeting email Stephanie Haskell and ask for a recording of the meeting. 

Spring 2021 ACE Meetings

Use this link to sign up for the Spring 2021 Monthly ACE Trainings. 

      • 2/9 All Club Engagement (ACE) Training for Club Leaders 3:00PM – 4:30PM on Zoom
      • 3/11 All Club Engagement (ACE) Training for Club Leaders 3:00PM – 4:30PM on Zoom
      • 4/14 All Club Engagement (ACE) Training for Club Leaders 3:00PM – 4:30PM on Zoom


What is the Student Club and Organizations Blackboard Community and How Do I Access It? 

Blackboard communities are similar to Blackboard courses, but they are designed for organizations and administrative workgroups to easily communicate, collaborate, and share information. The Student Club and Organizations Community has a lot of helpful information and resources for your student group. For your convenience and in an effort to progress toward a paperless system and a one-stop-shop for all student groups you can access all forms and policies in the Blackboard Community. 

  1. Students will need to log into their Blackboard account to access the Student Clubs and Organizations Blackboard Community.
  2. Once you are logged in you will click on COMMUNITY on the top right of the page. 
  3.  In the Organization Search box type Student Club and Organization Community, then click GO. 
  4. Click on COM-ICC under Organization ID.
  5. On the next page click, CLICK HERE TO ENROLL.
  6. A request will be sent to The Office of Student Life for approval and once approved you will have access to view the community. 


How Do I Start a New Club Or Organization?

  1. Find at least 5 interested students.
  2. Find a full-time NECC faculty or staff member to serve as the advisor. If you need assistance finding an advisor reach out to The Office of Student Life.
  3. Submit the following completed paperwork to The Office of Student Life for approval:
      1. Application For A New Student Club or Organization 
      2. Hazing Act Acknowledgement Form
      3. Email the student group’s Constitution to The Office of Student Life
  4. The NECC Student Government Association (SGA) may request a member of the student group to attend a meeting and answer questions. The SGA must approve a new student group prior to the Dean of Students’ approval. When a student group is approved by SGA, it is then sent to the Dean of Students for final approval. Lastly, the student leader will be notified via email of approval. 

Once approved, the following paperwork will need to be turned into The Office of Student Life:

  1. Student Club / Organization Roster Form
  2. Student Club / Organization Registration Form

All student clubs and organizations must be officially recognized before they sponsor activities or use the name of the College in association with their activities.

The first year a student group is active it does not receive funding through the annual budget request process. New student groups within the first year can request funds from The Office of Student Life and/or from the SGA to get the group started. If the funds are for an event or fundraiser the, Event Planning & Fundraiser Proposal Form must be approved prior to filling out the New Student Group Funding Request Form for approval. 

New Club Application Forms
New Club/Organization Funding Request

When a club or organization is recognized after the approval of the budget process, the new student group must submit the New Student Group Funding Request Form to obtain funds from The Office of Student Life.

  • Any group requesting funds must first be recognized by the college.
  • This money can be spent on organizational startup supplies, meetings, and events/fundraisers.
  • Each new group is limited to a maximum of $250.00 from The Office of Student Life.
  • If the student group is in need of additional funds for a program or event, the group can apply through the Student Government co-sponsorship line.
  • Keep in mind that when submitting a proposal, the review process usually takes a minimum of two weeks.

How Do I Start a New Student Interest Group?

A student interest group is a short-term group to gauge the interest of the NECC student body prior to establishing the group as a student club. The process to start a new group entails four (4) steps. 

  1. Find at least 5 interested students.
  2. Find a full-time NECC faculty or staff member to serve as the advisor. If you need assistance finding an advisor reach out to the Office of Student Life.
  3. Submit the Application for New Student Interest Group
  4. Each interested student must submit a Hazing Act Acknowledgement Form.

Once these 4 steps are completed the Office of Student Life will contact you of the approval. Typically our office will set up a meeting with you upon approval to review the information and talk about how we can support your group.

How Do I Register My Student Group Each Semester?

The Office of Student Life uses these forms to document that there are active students in the club or Organization so that the Club or Organization can receive a budget in order to financially support the goals and mission of the group’s activities. Please submit the following forms by the 4th week of the semester. If changes occur during the semester, please contact the Office of Student Life and resubmit student group forms.

Steps to Register Your Student Group
  1. Complete Student Club/Organization Roster
  2. Complete Student Club/Organization Registration Form
  3. Complete Hazing Act Form (each member must submit this form individually)
  4. Review the student group’s constitution and submit changes if necessary via email to Student Life 
  5. Submit minutes/notes from the first meeting of the semester via email to Student Life 
Registration Forms

Other Important Student Group Forms

For Fundraising
For Travel


Interested In Hosting A Student Group Event or Fundraiser?

Student clubs, organizations, and interest groups are required to fill out the Event & Fundraiser Proposal Form prior to planning any events or fundraisers. The Office of Student Life will review your submission and email you and your advisor upon approval. If our office has any additional questions or concerns, we will reach out to discuss your plans.


How Do I Print Documents/Flyers for My Student Group?

Printing through Reprographics

To have copies made through the Reprographics department: Please fill out the Reprographics Form, print, and send through intercampus mail to or bring to Reprographics, E-159B. Alternatively, you may email the order form and document(s) to be copied to Reprographics at Your student group will be charged for these services.


Interested In Becoming An Advisor? 

Advisors to our student groups (clubs, organizations, and interest groups) are listed in the online and printed student group directory and are responsible for completing annual registration renewal requirements as well as serving as the main college liaison to the student group. Any full-time college faculty or staff may serve as the primary advisor for a student group. Advisors may serve up to two (2) different student groups at any one time.

A student group cannot complete registration requirements without an advisor, and the supportive relationship that an advisor has with the student group can be incredibly transformative to a student’s experience. The Office of Student Life is always looking for faculty and staff who are willing to contribute their time and talents to serve as a student group advisor. We would be happy to connect you with a student group in need of an advisor.

Please fill out our Student Group Advisor Interest Form if you are interested in becoming a student group advisors.  A member of the Student Life team will contact you if a vacancy becomes available and gauge your interest in the group seeking an advisor. 


Guest Speakers

As part of the educational process, students are encouraged to invite to campus guest speakers who have demonstrated expertise in an area of interest to the college community.  Recognized student clubs and organizations may invite to the college any person who contributes to the intellectual or cultural life of the College. Individual students wishing to invite a speaker to campus should seek the sponsorship of a recognized student club or organization.

In order to derive maximum benefit from a guest speaker’s presence on campus, it is recommended that prior to extending a final invitation the sponsoring recognized student club or organization review the College’s Guest Speaker Policy and consult with The Student Life Office as well as with faculty in related fields of expertise. Student Groups are required to fill out the Event & Fundraiser Proposal Form and get approval prior to submitting a final invitation. This will assist the college in its efforts to offer a full, varied, and balanced program of guest speakers that will result in the broadest exchange of ideas and opinions.

A guest speaker event may be subject to reasonable and content-neutral time, place and manner restrictions. Speech that seeks to incite imminent violence or constitutes harassment, threats, defamation or obscenities is prohibited.  It shall not be inferred or implied that any guest speaker event conducted in accordance with this policy is endorsed by the college.

To schedule college facilities for a guest speaker event, please contact The Student Life Office at least two weeks in advance in order to ensure proper planning and the availability of security, facility equipment and/or personnel and/or food services, to the extent requested or required.  College facilities are assigned based on space availability.

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