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NECC Student Clubs and Organizations Resources, Forms, and Guest Speaker Information

The Office of Student Life and the Student Government Association (SGA) encourage the formation of new student clubs.  Every club must have a full-time faculty or staff advisor and be open to all members of the student body.  Students interested in forming a new student club are required to submit New Club Application Forms to the Office of Student Life. A meeting with club organizers may be requested in order to collect additional information needed for recognition. 

Recognition of a student club by the College or the SGA shall not imply approval or endorsement of the club or its activities.  All student clubs and their members are subject to the College’s policies and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct and the Policy on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity. 

Follow the links below for New Club Application Forms. For additional information about the College’s active student clubs, please visit the Office of Student Life located on the Haverhill Campus in the Student Success Hub (Behrakis Student Center), email: or call (978) 556-3731 for more information.


How Do I Start a New Club?

  • Find at least 10 interested students
  • Find a club advisor (a NECC staff or faculty member)
  • Submit the New Club Application Forms to the Office of Student Life in SC 215
  • Please include a Constitution complete with mission statement along with the Application.

The New Club Application Forms are reviewed by the SGA. Often, the SGA requests a representative of the applying club to attend an open meeting for questions. The SGA will vote, and if approved, the final approval is given by the Office of Student Life. The first year a club is active it does not receive funding.

All student Clubs and Organizations must be officially recognized before they sponsor activities or use the name of the College in association with their activities.

New Club Application Forms


Why Are the Registration Forms Important and What Are They Used For?

The Office of Student Life uses these forms to document that there are active students in the club so that the club can receive a budget in order to financially support the goals and mission of the club’s activities. Please submit by the 4th week of the semester. If changes occur during the semester, please contact Student Life and resubmit form.

Registration Forms
For Fundraising
For Travel


Guest Speakers

As part of the educational process, students are encouraged to invite to campus guest speakers who have a demonstrated expertise in an area of interest to the College community.  Recognized student clubs and organizations may invite to the College any person who contributes to the intellectual or cultural life of the College. Individual students wishing to invite a speaker to campus should seek the sponsorship of a recognized student club or organization.

In order to derive maximum benefit from a guest speaker’s presence on campus, it is recommended that prior to extending a final invitation the sponsoring recognized student club or organization review the College’s Guest Speaker Policy and consult with the Student Life Office as well as with faculty in related fields of expertise. This will assist the College in its efforts to offer a full, varied, and balanced program of guest speakers that will result in the broadest exchange of ideas and opinions.

A guest speaker event may be subject to reasonable and content-neutral time, place and manner restrictions. Speech that seeks to incite imminent violence or constitutes harassment, threats, defamation or obscenities is prohibited.  It shall not be inferred or implied that any guest speaker event conducted in accordance with this policy is endorsed by the College.

To schedule College facilities for a guest speaker event, please contact the Student Life Office at least one week in advance in order to ensure proper planning and the availability of security, facility equipment and/or personnel and/or food services, to the extent requested or required.  College facilities are assigned based on space availability.

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