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The Commonwealth Honors Program

Academic Rigor, Personal Rewards

If you have earned a B+ average in high school or are a current NECC student or transferring to NECC with a minimum 3.3 GPA, you are eligible to participate in the Commonwealth Honors Program. Successful completion of the program guarantees admittance to the Commonwealth Honors Program at any of Massachusetts’ state colleges or universities where you are accepted. It also adds significantly to your application credentials for private four-year schools.


As a participant in NECC’s Commonwealth Honors Program you will complete a minimum of THREE Honors Courses:

  • Complete any combination of  two honors courses OR honors projects (PDF)  An Honors Project is done in a non-honors course with guidance from a faculty mentor to earn honors credit for that course.
  • Complete EITHER Honors Seminar (HON200) OR Honors Humanities (HON201)

Commonwealth Honors Program Benefits

  • All honors courses and projects are noted on your transcript
  • Opportunity to present research at statewide and regional conferences
  • Opportunity to earn Follett gift cards and transfer scholarships 
  • Enhance your transfer application credentials to a four-year school
  • Use of the Honors Student Lounge for studying, computer use and printing
  • Special recognition as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar at graduation
  • Guaranteed admittance into the Commonwealth Honors Program at any state college or university upon graduating as a CHP Scholar
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