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A woman at a meeting giving a demonstration at a whiteboard, while other employees look on.

Do You Have Employees That Would Benefit From Enhanced Supervisor Skills? Sign Them Up for NECC’s Grant-Funded* Effective Supervisory Skills Course


Effective Supervisory Skills is a 40-hour, 10-week course that is offered by NECC.

Your employees will learn:

  • Effective Supervisory Skills Building and The Job of Supervisor
  • Understanding Behavior Styles
  • Leading the Work Team
  • Developing Administrative Skills – Planning and Organizing
  • Managing Personnel Issues – Selection, Orientation, Training & Evaluation
  • Team Building and Problem Solving
  • Communication, Coaching, Counseling, and Change
  • Creating a Climate for Motivation
  • Maintaining a Productive Work Environment/Conflict Resolution
  • Delivering World-Class Customer Service


The next scheduled Effective Supervisory Skills Training Programs will take place on:

In-person Summer 2024 Program (40 hours)
Date:  Tuesdays, July 9 – September 10
Time:  1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


You May Also Be Interested in DiSC Workshop:

DiSC is a behavior-based personal assessment tool that gives you insights about yourself and sheds some light on the people around you, giving you a chance to connect and make the most of each interaction. This invaluable resource is a professional development tool that assists leaders and employees to “bring their whole true selves to work”  Functioning as a professional development tool, DiSC is used when learning and enhancing skills around team building, coaching, conflict resolution, customer service, supervising, and general communications.

Please contact to schedule a workshop.


More Information

For more information, contact Gina Kenney at, by calling 978-556-3063, or completing the online contact form.


*Grant-Funded Opportunities:

Small businesses with under 100 employees may qualify for 100% grant funding. Apply at the Workforce Training Fund website. The grant application process takes approximately 21 days from application date to approval. Once you’ve applied for funding, email employees’ names and email addresses to to hold their spot in the course.

Businesses not using grant funding are welcome to register employees by contacting

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