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Photo of the NECC library.

Accessible Media Vision Statement

NECC seeks to embody the fundamental academic principles of equity and accessibility by striving to provide to the broadest possible audience, regardless of impairment or disability, equal access to the college’s programs, services, events, and activities. To this aim, we seek to promote an inclusive academic environment by incorporating design concepts that remove or reduce barriers to both current and emerging technologies. This ongoing institutional effort deepens our appreciation for diversity and cultural inclusion.

Benefits of Accessibly Designed Media

Besides empowering all of our students to learn on an equal level, accessibility processes ultimately benefit the broader student population. Research has shown that universally designed materials enhances understanding and recall. For example, videos captioned facilitate note taking, provide access to auditory content, especially there is distraction from environmental noise.

Moving Toward Compliance

NECC policies and programs will be moving toward compliance according to disability laws. This site is being developed as the go to place for information regarding our institution’s legal responsibilities, policies and guidelines, resources for designing accessible content, and contact information.

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