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NECC’s Commitment to Improving Student Achievement

Achieving the Dream is a nation-wide initiative aimed at helping community college students succeed in completing coursework and earning certificates and/or degrees. It is an initiative that uses student achievement data to effect broad institutional change.

Achieving the Dream colleges are particularly attentive to student groups that traditionally have faced significant barriers to success, including students of color and low-income students. Because too many students leave community colleges without earning a certificate or degree, or without transferring to continue their studies.

NECC Achieving the Dream Goals

(Approved by the Core Team from analysis of NECC data by Institutional Research and the Data Team.)

  1. Mathematics:
    Improve outcomes for all students in all cohorts in developmental and college level math
  2. English Composition:
    Improve outcomes for all students in all cohorts in English Composition I
  3. Males in Developmental Reading and Writing:
    Improve outcomes for male students in developmental reading and writing
  4. Students 25 Years and younger in Developmental Reading and Writing:
    Improve outcomes for students 25 years and younger in developmental reading and writing
  5. Hispanic Students in Writing Courses:
    Improve outcomes for Hispanic students in developmental writing, and in the transition into and through college level composition.

Achieving the Dream colleges like NECC have made specific commitments to improve student achievement on their campuses. They have pledged to maintain open access while working to increase the percentage of first-time credential-seeking students who:

  • Complete developmental courses and move on to credit-bearing courses
  • Enroll in and complete gatekeeper courses, such as introductory math and English
  • Complete the courses they take, earning a grade of C or higher
  • Re-enroll from one semester to the next
  • Earn certificates and degrees
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