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Join Us In the Center C203

Entrance through C201–some events will also have a Zoom access


BIZTalks Series, Fall 2023 semester


Why join a Business Honor Society–ABG (Alpha Beta Gamma)?

October 18th (with Zoom) 12:30-1:30 pm

October 19th (on campus only) 12:30-1:30 pm

Alpha beta gamma logo and the name established 1970

Join NECC Accounting faculty and the Beta Omicron chapter advisor of ABG, Professor Donahue, for an information session reviewing the benefits of joining a nationally recognized organization and the requirements for joining.

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Intersection of Music and Entrepreneurship

Wednesday 10/25 12:30-1:30 C203/Zoom

Presented by Cade Dones-NECC Business Transfer student

Cade will share his journey that combines his love for music and his entrepreneurial drive, in this special BIZTalks. As well as the challenges of managing band members, evaluating talent, booking gigs, and evaluating venues that match the band’s target audience while balancing the business’s financial needs. Join us to hear his story and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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“Claim” Your Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success in Insurance

10/26/23 11-12:15 C203/Zoom

Presented by Ted Hughes of Cushman Insurance Group and Evan Silverio, President of Silverio Insurance–NECC Board of Trustee  

Embark on a journey through insurance entrepreneurship’s intricate and dynamic world with our enlightening speaker series. This BIZTalks will unravel the multifaceted path to launching and scaling a startup in the insurance sector. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities of running your own business. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or intrigued by the intersection of insurance and innovation, this series promises to equip you with knowledge and inspire your entrepreneurial spirit in the evolving insurance industry.

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“Policy” of Persuasion: Navigating the Nuances of Marketing in the Insurance Industry

11/21/23 11:00-12:15 C203/Zoom

Presented by Bill Dornhecker of HUB New England CMO

Navigate through the compelling domain of insurance marketing with our insightful speaker series. This BIZTalks explores the dynamic world of marketing within the insurance industry, offering a blend of its traditional meaning and one specific to this industry. Suitable for marketing students and anyone keen on understanding the nuances of marketing in the insurance realm, this series promises to offer insights and strategies to navigate the competitive landscape of insurance marketing.

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“Insurance” Contracts: Is Your Business Covered?

12/7/23 9:30-10:45 C203/Zoom

Presented by Attorney Michelle Detherage, Litigator and Coverage Consultant

Are you an entrepreneur or someone thinking about opening your own business? Do you know how to protect yourself and your business from liability for damage to someone’s property, bodily injury, personal injury (like libel and slander), and advertising injury? 

In this BIZTalk you will learn how to protect yourself and your business from liability by understanding the nuances of a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. Join business faculty and our esteemed presenter for a discussion of the fundamentals of a CGL policy (a contract), focusing on the provisions that tend to be most applicable in the business claim context. 

Come learn more about insurance contracts and provisions to include for maximum coverage. 

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