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Accessibility Committee

Accessibility and inclusivity for the Northern Essex College Community (students, staff, faculty, and visitors) is a campus-wide commitment. In many cases, a person with a disability or who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing may have contact with multiple campus entities in an attempt to resolve a variety of issues.

The membership of the committee, therefore, includes representatives from a diverse range of departments which may have responsibility for the support of any member of the NECC community with a disability.


The goals of the Accessibility Committee are:

  • to raise the visibility of disability related issues on campus;
  • to explore opportunities to improve accessibility through education, research and information sharing;
  • to educate the college community about disability related issues;
  • advocating for accessibility for all members of the campus community;
  • to address long and short term compliance issues related to the ADA and other laws impacting accessibility;
  • increasing awareness and academic engagement related to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities;
  • working to develop initiatives and projects to address issues demonstrating the campus commitment to welcoming and accommodating students, staff, academic employees and visitors with disabilities;
  • make recommendations to senior staff on policy and for initiatives intended to enhance the ability of NECC  to serve as a leader on issues of accessibility.


The committee will meet twice a semester. A small working group will be designated to meet on an ‘as needed’ basis to monitor the execution of committee objectives.

2023 Committee Members

Committee members serve as liaisons between their offices/departments and the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services and the Human Resources Department.

If you have a question about accessibility or an idea to make the campus more inclusive and accessible, please contact a committee member from the relevant area.

Members Include:


Deb McKinney, Manager, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services


Jan Rene, Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator



Susan J Martin, Director, Center for Accessibility Resources & Services


Todd Higgins MPA, Director, Gallaudet University, Regional Center East at Northern Essex Community College


Dr. Alejandra Mendez-Irizarry, Library



Kevin Fleese, ASL Studies Coordinator


Building & Grounds

Linda Hudson


Public Safety

Tracey Trask


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