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NECC Library Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Library Priorities and Goals


1. Outreach and Engagement

a. Library staff will actively engage with more campus activities and events.
b. The library will be a conduit for academic activities on campus to broaden intellectual and cultural opportunities for students.
c. The library will participate in student focused, non-academic programming in order to promote library services and engage the college community.


2. Equitable Spaces and Services

a. The library staff will be a cohesive and collaborative team, embracing a ‘one library’ mindset and culture.
b. The Lawrence campus library will be planned and developed as an excellent and inspirational learning space for improved student learning.
c. The library will evaluate the accessibility of online and physical resources in an effort to improve the research experience for all users.


3. Information Literacy and Curriculum Integration

a. The library will collaborate with the new academic centers on both campuses to extend information literacy and other library services to the disciplines.
b. The library will fully engage with the faculty teaching Information Literacy Intensive courses to assure that those learning outcomes are being met.
c. The library will improve the integration of information literacy and other library services with online education.


4. Assessment

a. The library will embrace an evidence-based approach to decision making, aimed at maximizing the learning experience for our mission-critical users.
b. The library will develop a long-term strategy for consortial participation and collection sharing based on the academic needs of the college community.

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