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Library Action Plan 2022 – 2025

Initiatives and Outcomes aligned with the NECC Strategic Plan


1. Complete institutional assessment of Information Literacy
  • Description: Library will lead the assessment of the Information Literacy Core Academic Skill to determine successful mastery by students, using disaggregated data
  • Outcomes: Determine effectiveness of library contributions to IL at the institution level.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 2A, 3A
2. Implement data analytics platform in the Library
  • Description: Make LibInsights an active part of the workflow in all areas of the library that handle data collection, and use the data for informed decision making
  • Outcomes: Centralize and streamline data collection by library professionals, and use data to guide budgeting and planning.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 2A, 3A
3. Assess Library Staffing needs to emphasize student success and employee retention.
  • Description: Library personnel and positions need to be aligned with students success initiatives, and structured to ensure employee growth and retention.
  • Outcomes: Library staff will be stable with only minimal turnover. Library personnel will development in their roles and advance as necessary to meet program needs.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 5B, 5C, 1C
4. Expanded outreach and enhanced engagement
  • Description: The library will increase the number of student life events that it participates in, and engage students with academic and recreational activities.
  • Outcomes: More events and better engagement will result in better library visibility and more frequent use of service points.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 4B
5. Intercampus staffing of library service points
  • Description: Library personnel will complete regular shift rotations at service points on both campus.
  • Outcomes: Becoming more familiar with library operations across both campuses will increase belonging and unity within the library and across departmental boundaries.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 5A, 5B
6. Library services in the academic centers
  • Description: Librarians will build stronger ties to the academic centers and provide discipline-relevant programming that is coordinated with the center leads.
  • Outcomes: Strengthen professional relationships with faculty and reach students across all academic disciplines.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 4A
7. Online course success initiatives
  • Description: Academic technology professionals within the library will provide targeted support services to students enrolled in online courses
  • Outcomes: Expanded services to online students will result is higher success rates for those students who receive support.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 4B, 4E
8. Archives and community outreach
  • Description: Increase the amount of archival materials available as digital content, and begin to integrate special collections into the curriculum.
  • Outcomes: More content will be available, which will expand the access and marketability of the archives to the wider community. Digital content is more accessible for students and faculty, allowing it to be embedded in course assignments.
  • Strategic Plan Alignment: 1C, 2C


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